Stall at 2 weeks post op from Gastric Bypass

on 7/16/11 3:56 am - GA
I am 4 weeks post-op from Gastric Bypass and have not lost any weight since 2 weeks out.  I realize that my focus on Protein neglected Caloric intake needs.  I was only consuming 450+ calories a day, and I am now working to increase caloric intake, which is very hard!  How do I kick-start my metabolism?  Thank you so much!!!!
Priscilla V.
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on 7/16/11 1:06 pm
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Go back to basics; water, protein, exercise. You want to have 64oz of water a day, about 80+ grams of protein and at least 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. I weigh my food to make sure I stay at the 2 oz meals my doctor recommended. I eat the best quality protein I can get; chicken, fish, yogurt, cheese. I don't eat carbs and very little fruit. I walk around with my water bottle everywhere I go.

A good way to kick start your metabolism is eat tiny meals more often. I eat my 2oz about 4-5 times a day.  I don't wait to get hungry; I eat about every 2-3 hours. This keeps the engine running.

Keep doing what your doctor has told you to do and it will come off. There will be stalls along the way, just stick to the program or amp up the exercise. You'll do fine.

Good luck to you.
Sharyn S.
on 7/16/11 1:36 pm - Bastrop, TX
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It is not a stall until you have gone 4 weeks without weight loss OR have not lost any inches.


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Elizabeth N.
on 7/16/11 2:11 pm - Burlington County, NJ
You are not stalled. Read this thread and stay off the scale: LY-OUTS-Yes-You-WILL-Stall/

Mary Catherine
on 7/17/11 1:51 am
 You do not need to do anything.  The surgery will work and the weight will come off.  It was about five months before I ate more than 500 calories a day.  Your appetite will come back.  Relax
on 7/17/11 4:53 am
*I* never had a stall---not one. Want to know how I did it?

Wait for it...

I didn't own any scales. (*grin*)

Seriously, I weighed ONLY at my doctor's office, about once every few weeks. So, I never worried about how fast I was losing, because every time I did weigh, the numbers were smaller. And I was a lot happier than if I had been getting on the scales daily and agonizing every day that I didn't see a smaller number.

You do need to eat more, though. 450 calories a day is less than a starvation diet.