Hunger after gastric sleeve

on 7/29/11 12:41 pm
I was sleeved on June 23rd. And eat about 3-4oz each meal. I have like half a yogurt for snack, or a hard boiled egg. I track everything i eat at and seem to be under 700 calories everyday, and my carbs remail pretty low. My question is, i still seem to be hungy. I am on a PPI, and take it everyday. I read that the ghrelin hormone takes a few weeks / months to be out of your system. So im wondering will i have less hunger as i go along? Im afraid that if i still have this hunger, and our tummys stretch over time, i will eventually gain weight. Anyone ever go through this, and stopped feeling hungry at like 6 months post op or something ( please say yes!) :) thank you
Elizabeth N.
on 7/29/11 12:52 pm - Burlington County, NJ
You are starving yourself. Of course you're hungry. Eat MORE. Make it protein.

on 7/29/11 1:19 pm - TX
You're only a little more than a month out.  Are you on your doc's eating plan - 'cause 3-4oz is a lot unless it's purees or mushies.

On the hunger, it takes some folks awhile for it to subside.  Make sure you're getting enough liquids and, if it's still a problem, have a few more small "meals."
on 7/29/11 1:55 pm
See now im more confused ;( i did tell my surgeon how much i was eating and she did say that eating that amount was ok, and that i should be eating 5 small meals ( its ok that the meals are each 3 oz or so. It does seem like im hungry all the time. Im on a PPI, so it can't be my acid :( I am a bit disouraged now. What if i am eating too much? And ive been eating like this for maybe 1-2 weeks. Do you think my stomach has stretched?
on 7/29/11 2:32 pm
No, your stomach hasn't stretched. It will, but right now it's probably still swollen. What you're interpreting as hunger might be thirst, and it may also be simply that you don't really "feel" your stomach yet. A lot of nerves were cut during surgery, and they haven't healed yet.

Hunger is NORMAL. Life with NO hunger would really suck!!! (Trust me on this---I have some days when I have no appetite, but I still have to eat---and it sucks.)  I think that in a few more weeks you'll find that you now have NORMAL hunger, which will be satisfied by small-to-normal portions.

On 700 calories a day, hunger is pretty normal.
on 7/29/11 3:48 pm - Sacramento, CA
Hey there-

I'm about a week behind you, on semisolids as well. My surgeons instructions are 600-800 calories a day, 70 or more grams protein, and less than 40 grams carbs. Be real mindful of the carbs, theybwill increase your appetite. I saw you mention yogurt... You want plain, Greek yogurt, which is high in protein and low in carbs, for instance.

You might also want to post these kinds of questions in the VSG forum since fellow patients will be more in tune with your dietary needs.

Also, you can't possibly have streached your stomach already. Remember non solids like yogurt will slide through fast. Right now, I can eat a good. Lip of yogurt, but not meat.

Hope this helps.


Heaviest weight:  310 pounds  (Male, 5'10")

on 7/29/11 3:52 pm - Sacramento, CA
Continuation: when I watch carbs, I really have little to no hunger at all. One of the great benefits of VSG surgery, even when eating only 400-800 calories. If you continue to have hunger issues, look at carbs and speak with your nutrionist.


Heaviest weight:  310 pounds  (Male, 5'10")

Mary Catherine
on 7/29/11 11:32 pm
 For me carbs and hunger go together.  To eliminate the hunger, use Greek yogurt with added protein powder and protein shakes until you can tolerate dense protein.

Anything like full sugar pudding, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread will make you hungry.   All doctors do not recommend them, but I still find a protein shake extremely good for combatting hunger.
Robert R.
on 7/30/11 8:08 am
Odd as I wasn't hungry from day 1, regardless of calories (it's been since October). One time when I checked calories, I had only 900 that day. Only way I can tell I'm hungry is my stomach feels tight, no more "mouth" hungry, which seems to still happen every morning between 4-6 am lol.


Dawnie 88
on 7/30/11 9:53 am
I am 15 mths postop from the sleeve.  I felt hungry those first 6 wks postop, but once I was cleared to start eating more dense protein (chicken, etc..)..then the hunger pretty much stopped.  Most days I have to remind myself to eat.  I have missed a meal simply because I was busy..and just wasn't hungry so i completely forgot. 

I have  been eating around 600-800 calories a day since a few mths out from surgery.  My nutritionist wants me to be 1,200 a day, but I just cannot eat more than 2.5 oz for a meal (dense protein) I would have to eat every couple hours to get in enough calories (which IS their suggestion).  Anyhow..i did have the hunger in the very beginning...hoping it goes away for you as well!


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