Numbness in lower right leg???

on 8/26/11 12:02 pm - FL
I've been experiencing numbness (not like my foot is asleep), but loss of sensation in my lower right leg and foot.  I can't pick up my big toe on my right foot the same way I can with my left foot.  I have difficulty slipping my foot into shoes...I've had to literally pull my toe into a shoe.  I have also noticed that I walk funny and have to pay attention to pick up my foot or I get tripped up (happened twice).  At first I thought it was the shoes I was wearing but then it continued for 2 weeks.  I happened to have an appointment with my primary doctor and I asked him about it.  He called a neurosurgeon to ask her about it and told her I had no medical history except the VSG and had lost over 100lbs...the first thing the neurosurgeon asked was "Is she crossing her legs a lot?"  I hadn't really realized it, but I cross my legs ALL THE TIME now because I can!  I can even put my foot behind my leg while they are skinny minny daughter always does that and I used to be like how in the hell!?!

Anyhow, the neurosurgeon said this is common in weight loss patients to cross their legs a lot now that they can and I guess it puts pressure on some nerve that causes the weakness in my foot and the numbness.  Needless to say, I've been trying to stop the leg crossing and I'm going to visit the neurosurgeon to make sure thats all it is.

Anyone else experience this??? 

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on 8/27/11 1:11 am
 Wow  !  thats SO interesting  !!   Thank God  it wasn't something more  serious  !   Its great that U posted this because im SURE  there are other people  having teh same symptom forthe same reason and being TERRIFIED in side to ask why   or who cant afford   to go to go to the doctor  ... 
Elisa K.
on 8/27/11 2:29 am - Lumberton, NJ

Yes, actually.  I herneated L4 and L5 about 18 years ago, and every now and again, my herneated discs act up, and press on the nerves and cause this.  My chiropractor and physical therapist say it is textbook symptoms for a pinch at L4 and L5.  I had been going to physical therapy for my knee, so they have been helping me with my back also.  to counteract the pinching, I am to lay on my stomach, and press my shoulders up, while keeping my hips on the ground - sort of a backbend.  I hold for a few seconds and repeat.  I am also working to increase core strength - through PT and yoga. 

Good luck!!

on 8/27/11 5:21 am
I have it, too.  Just a neuropathy from my weight.  I'm hoping weight loss may reverse it a little... now I know I'll need to watch the leg crossing!!!

Something your neurosurgeon may do is this: uction-studies
Not fun, but not horrible, either.
on 8/27/11 1:36 pm - Vancouver, WA
Well I suppose that could be one reason but please if it continues after you pay more attention to leg crossing please check with your doc again. There are many, many other things that can cause it and some are very serious. I hope that's all it is but don't ignore it if it continues.
on 8/27/11 5:35 pm - Suffern, NY
I would to play it safe, go to your PCP and ask for a B12 and B1 blood test.  IT sounds like a B12 or b1 deficiency and these can be serious and if left untreated lead to nerve damage, left long enough, can be permanent.  Are you taking B12? Does your multi have B1 in it? The part of your stomach that was removed is where intrinsic factor is made, so you need to supplement it with sublingual or injectable B12.

I am really surprised the neurologist didn't meantion these deficeincies.   Please get these done ASAP - if they are normal,  then you can stop crossing your legs.


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on 8/28/11 5:32 am, edited 8/28/11 5:36 am
 I am experiencing something similar and agree with everyone who is encouraging you to be sure to follow up on this.

Mine started about a year before WLS, though. I had numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg that went on for several months. I had every test the neurologist thought might be relevant (MRI, CT, lumbar puncture, electric current thingy, blood work, some sort of eye test), but nothing showed up. It happened again six months or so later. Now, it is back and I have drop-foot along with the numbness (same side as before). I'm falling a lot, tripping over that foot. Before surgery, they finally ended up saying it might be weight related. Now, although not at goal, I am at a relatively normal weight and it is worse than ever.

I'm on prednisone right now to see if that helps at all (today is the fourth day of that), but I am scheduled to get back in with the neuro to do all the tests again (I am dreading the LP more than anything). Hopefully it is nothing big, and I do see from OH posts that drop-foot seems somewhat common after WLS. I'm a little scared but would rather know that just worry, I guess.

Edited to add - I lied, I'm a lot scared. 
I have been crossing my legs a lot, though. Dangit, I waited forever to be able to do that! I'm hoping that is all this is. Also increased my vitamin B-12, just in case.

on 8/29/11 5:39 am - Hamilton, Canada
I had foot drop due to a Thiamine (B1) deficiency about 9 months out of surgery.  A few weeks of major supplementation of a B100 complex fixed the problem.  I now supplement with it regularly.

If I cross my left leg over my right the left leg will go numb but not the other way around.  This is the same leg that had the numbness issue previously.
Yasmeen  (aka thread killer!)  

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on 8/29/11 6:09 am - FL
What is "foot drop" or "drop foot"?  Never heard of it before.  

I had my 6 month bloodwork done 2 weeks ago and my nutritionist actually just called me today and all my vitamin levels are normal, including B12 and B1 (Thiamine).  I have stopped crossing my legs and have noticed an improvement, but I have an appointment with the neurologist tomorrow morning.  We'll see what she has to say...

Thanks everyone for all the info!

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