What does it FEEL like when your blood sugars are high?

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RNY on 02/20/13
I know what the standard symptoms are for hyperglycemia and MOST of them are also symptoms of pregnany...which I am. So what are some tell-tell signs that your sugars are too high? I am already peeing, drinking, and hungry ALL THE TIME...so those don't count. I am also Moody (did anyone notice the capital M), have leg cramps, and am constantly tired...so those don't count either. I did my 1 hr GTT and FAILED MISERABLY, then did my 3 hr GTT and passed (yay), but am wondering if things have changed.

Basically, it feels like I just slammed 4-5 Red Bulls...and not in the good way!!

I never had these issues with my other two kids, but it has been over a decade since I've been preggers...
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RNY on 09/14/11 with
Often there are no symptoms to high blood sugar.  Other times there are.  If your sugar is very high, you will lack energy because the glucose is in your blood and can't get into your muscles.  Climbing stairs can feel like you are climbing a mountain.

Increased thirst is another symptom although it's not one I had.  Mention your symptoms to your doctor including your concern about high blood sugar.  I was tested for diabetes when I was pregnant and it came back negative, but later when I gave birth to my son, he was over 10 lbs and they said I probably had gestational diabetes at the time.

I was diagnosed with type II  nine years later.

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 I just want to repeat what someone else said - often, NO symptoms. that's why it's so important to test.

once upon a time I had a group to talk about Binge Eating Disorder, and later one about Clean Eating.

PM me if you are interested in either of these.

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Definitely check for gestational diabetes; my second child was over 10# and that is now considered a definite sign of it.

I just felt like heck, but when I get low blood sugar I really
feel horrible (I get "the trembles" and I'm very cranky.

High Blood sugar can kill you eventually; not a pleasant death
because it is so slow and you wind up getting parts hacked off
of you like your feet, etc. Not good.
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  The symptoms you mentioned.... the three poly's of hyperglycemia are enough to make you MOODY!.. If my sugar shoots high, which it does in reactive hypoglycemia...then I see spots before my eyes...but my sugar has to be above 250 for me to get any symptom. Then my sugar bottoms out to 20 or so.
         From your report with a failing of the one hour GTT, you know  your sugar is unstable .  I have had problems with my sugars for 27 years...so I hear you. You have the symptoms of  reactive hypoglycemia and gestationatal  diabetes in early stages.      
         . It sounds like you need a nutritional tweak!  
          I would start with  changing to sea salt and making  some low cal gatorade.., this should stop the muscle cramps..... .Use unsweetened koolaid, sea salt and  splenda or stevia/truvia to sweeten. These two sweeteners are a left hand sugar, which  the human body does not assimilate, but tastes sweet.They are safe for diabetics.      The sea salt naturally contains many essentials for the human body among them ...potassium and magnesium.and it is quickly utilized.   start by making it up for a quart, add 4 servings/ according to container of sea salt. and If you use the stevia liquid, you should only need about 10-12 drops, depensing on how sweet you like your drinks. You can also make "gatorade tea"  out of peppermint and spearmint tea..it goes in and is absorbed quicker in  hot liquids and I have added  sea salt to my coffee. to get in the potassium and the magnesium., especially if I have been out mowing for sevraal hours and need to rehydrate quickly.
    Since you are pregnant,    and if it were me...I would treat myself like I KNEW I had gestational diabetes.. its the safest thing to do for you and your baby.  
      To curb the cravings...go to wally world,  get their liquid sub-lingual B complex.(6$) Put 2 droppers full under your tongue in the morning.  for 3 days,  should stop the cravings.  then drop back to one dropper per day. Hold under your tongue for at least one min. then swallow the remainder. per day. You need a balanced B for this..(.Not a capsule! the B in most vitamins is destroyed in the stomach and small intestine.)
      This will also boost your energy.
      also  drastically cut back on the carbs.   try to keep them between 40-60 for  the first week. then slowly increase them....to your tolerance.  
       Increase the fluids, as much high protein and liquid as you can get in  togather...
      .Can you drink milk, use yogart or greek yogart, cottage cheese?..the protein drinks especially... and the proteins   need to be higher than  those for weight loss......go for your minimum, then boost it by 20-30 Gms.   
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I'm pregnant, too, and I've also had type 2 diabetes in the past. With the diabetes, I didn't have ANY symptoms of high blood sugar yet was diagnosed with a fasting of 214. Because it's very possible not to have any symptoms, I would highly recommend you get a meter and test strips and test yourself at home - fasting, before meal, and then 60, 90, and 120 minutes after meals (continue testing at 30-minute intervals if you're not back to pre-meal level by 120 minutes post-meal) for a few days.

Now that my diabetes has been controlled well enough that my doc deemed me "no longer diabetic," if I have something with more carbs/sugar than usual, the one symptom I do get that isn't a normal pregnancy symptom is a racing heart - I can feel it pounding in my chest, and it's not particularly pleasant. This is what I thought of when you said it feels like you "slammed 4-5 Red Bulls." I would absolutely take that as a sign that you may need to be testing yourself to see how your body is reacting on a normal daily basis.
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RNY on 02/20/13

That is exactly what it felt like earlier. Of course, then my ever-freaking-present headache kicked it into high gear, and I wasn't too concerned with the racing heart. OMG, I wish they would come up with a pregnancy-safe sudafed SO BAD. It feels like my sinus cavity is trying to escape my skull! Before my 146 one hr GTT, I never ever never have had any abnormal sugar readings. HOWEVER, I do know that I am not a barbie doll, and I have a family history, and will get 'the diabetes' eventually....if I don't lose my weight, which I will and already started.

I am calling for an appointment in the morning. For sure.

on 9/5/11 4:05 am
 Use one drop  essential peppermint oil.. to rub behind your ear, on both sides..
       .you can also use it on your upper gums, inside your mouth 3 times a day safely. this will stop your sinus problems and your sinus headaches. I get mine at GNC for about 6 bucks a bottle...it will last for 6 months or more.
on 9/5/11 4:05 am
 1000mg of cinnamon  two times a day helps me maintain my sugar

Emily F.
on 9/5/11 4:05 am
I passed the 3 hr with my twins and they ended up being huge so now I know I probably was and it was a fluke I passed. I would eat low carb from now on and stay away from sugar. Of course, I couldn't do it, so do as I say and not as I did. lol. Hugs.
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