Protein/UpCalD causes more plaque on teeth??

on 9/25/11 4:05 am - LA
Just curious if anyone notices more plaque build up on there teeth.  I definately know protein shakes cause bad breath, but been noticing I am getting more plaque build up on my teeth since the surgery, so it is either protein shakes, Up Cal D, or my multi vitamin.  I am a picky teeth person so I am forever with my scaler scrapping off yuck.  Has anyone noticed this or am I just crazy.

on 9/25/11 4:17 am - OH
No, I have not noticed that.  I don't know how a calcium or multivitamin supplement would make more plaque on your teeth.  I'm not sure about the protein shake, but I don't think mine do that.

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on 9/25/11 5:04 am - LA
I am new out so, they havent went over my labs, I need take some at my 2 week post op appt, but they didnt really tell me anything about it.  I went for my 4 week and they didnt do blood, I do go back in 3 mths and I know they are running labs then..  I hope everything is good b/c I am taking everything as told.    I am not eathing any sugar or carbs, so I should be good on that too.thanks Jenny
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on 9/25/11 4:29 am - Woodbridge, VA
No, for me, carbs (especially sugar) are what make my teeth feel grimy. My diet of protein, non-starchy veggies, and a little dairy helps keep my teeth much healthier.
on 9/25/11 7:10 am - MO
DS on 08/29/11 with
Hey Jenny,
I have found the same thing. It does seem to be Protein shake caused! for me. YUCK!
on 9/25/11 7:15 am - Rockland, Canada
ugh totally!!!! GROSS!!! I hate it. I have to brush my teeth more often, My dentist suggested using listerine a few times per day to keep the baceria levels as low as possible during the day.

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on 9/25/11 9:29 am - LA
I've been brushing more, but maybe need to try the listerine. 

thanks Jenny
on 9/25/11 9:28 am - LA
I'm not crazy....YEAH!

on 9/25/11 10:48 am - MD
RNY on 08/17/11 with
 It is from being in "Ketosis"  Teeth feel hairy!  

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