Weight-loss upper back pain

on 9/25/11 11:35 am - McClure, PA
Has anyone else experienced upper back pain AFTER losing weight? Mine was so bad after losing about 30 lbs (pre-surgery) that I took a daily pain med to get through work.

Here's my theory. I am top-heavy (pear-shaped). I think my DD breasts were resting comfortably on my fat stomach until it started to recede. Now the front weight is straining my back.

The good news is, I have found great relief in wearing the abdominal binder given to me after surgery. It supports my back. I plan to keep wearing it until my back gets stronger or front gets smaller.
on 9/25/11 12:30 pm
"Pear-shaped" is usually understood to mean you're BOTTOM-heavy---like a pear. (*grin*)

Yes, big boobs can definitely make your back hurt, and sometimes losing weight makes things worse for a while---your center of gravity changes, and yoour body tries to adjust, straining previously un-used muscles. It should get better as you continue to lose weight.
on 9/25/11 1:18 pm - McClure, PA
Whoops! I guess I mean apple-shaped.
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on 9/25/11 12:51 pm
Yes, I had severe pain under my right shoulder blade. It was a combination of my weight changing so my posture was shifting, and also my dayjob has me in front of a computer where I always lean forward and my right arm is stretched forward to hold the mouse.

I went through physical therapy twice a week for 6 weeks to strengthen my shoulder, neck and upper back. It worked like a charm and it helped my posture.
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on 9/25/11 1:19 pm - McClure, PA
Can you recommend some exercises that you learned in PT?
Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 9/25/11 1:44 pm
Doorway stretch for the pectoral muscles (which were  so tight they were messing with my shoulders)
Neck retraction
levatator scapula stretch
shoulder resisted external rotation: in neutral bilateral
shoulder resisted scapular retraction: unilateral (standing)

I would strongly recommend going to physical therapy if your pain is bad. Some of these exercises are not easy to do properly without some guidance from a professional,  I needed supervised practice to get some of them right and I'm no stranger to weight training. It's easy to overdo the resistance, and to make a mistake with the form.

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on 9/25/11 1:59 pm - McClure, PA
Thanks so much! The first I'm familiar with. The rest I can probably find on the web.
on 9/26/11 4:08 am - Canada
OMG... could not believe it when I read your post... thought it was just me and that I was maybe going a bit loco... how could it hurt now when I've lost a lot of weight? My heavy boobs are heavy, but much less so that six months ago. It didn't make sense and now I know, at least, I'm not alone and your explanation (stomach smaller and not providing support for said heavy boobs) well, that's just logical.
Now it's off to my doc to get a referral for some exercises or a PT visit.
That's what's great about this forum... we help each other with answers!
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on 9/26/11 7:12 am - McClure, PA
When I mentioned my theory to the PA, she just chuckled, but I still feel it has credibility. I have 2 appointments tomorrow (GI Nutrition and Surgeon) and may raise this question again.
Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 9/26/11 11:22 am
My PT therapists have had several patients who have lost a LOT of weight come in with back/hip and knee problems because their posture changed when the weight came off. Not that the posture changes were bad, but when the body gets used to carrying around your weight a certain way a posture shift can cause some pain and expose some weak or tight muscles that need a little bit of help.
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