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MyLady Heidi
on 10/23/11 2:26 pm, edited 10/23/11 2:29 pm
I am craving rice in the worst way, what does that mean?  Anything?  Nothing?  I am not sure.  A friend at work was getting chinese food last week and asked if I wanted anything, I don't eat at work so I said no, she said are you sure and I asked if she was getting rice with hers and if I could have a forkfull.  She of course thought this was stupid and bought me my own container of rice which I proceeded to eat nearly half of.  Ever since that day I have been craving rice and have had it as a side dish a few times including tonight with my son for dinner.  Funny I never touched my perfectly grilled chicken but I did eat my portion of rice pilaf which I don't even like.  Odd I know, I prefer just plain brown rice with just a touch of salt.  Anyone have any ideas what a rice craving signifies....I think I just like the crunch and chewy aspect of the rice moreso then the flavor since I ate the rice pilaf with stuff in it that I don't even like.
Dave Chambers
on 10/23/11 3:25 pm - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
You might consider trying quinoa or amaranth, both high protein grains very similar to rice. These are good substitutes for rice and my support group leader uses it all the time.  She said she often just cooks the quinoa in chicken stock, lightly seasons and eats.  Much healthier than standard rice. DAVE

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on 10/23/11 4:14 pm - Eugene, OR
I often crave grains too, but I think it's because I just can't eat them.  My mouth says yes but, fortunately, it is quickly followed by a flip in my stomach saying, "no, no, no!  You will be very sick if you eat that!"  We get warned about these things before RNY and the fact is, sometimes we really can't tolerate these things after surgery.  No carbs except veggies and some fruits for me.

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on 10/23/11 7:43 pm
I too had a few days when I craved rice, wanted it, couldn't get enough of it, wanted it every day.  I didn't eat protein, only rice.  I had to switch to quiona, and it helped.  I felt I was getting rice, but actually I got protein.  I cooked it in chicken broth, it is great. Give it a try.  I like it with chicken and veggies.  I cook a batch, divide it into portions, freeze and pull it out, throw it in my lunch bag, by noon it is ready to nuke and I have an easy go to lunch.  It's hot and a hot lunch keeps me going all afternoon.
on 10/24/11 12:09 am
What a hassle, which is the understatement of the century, that cravings are! I do wish something would be invented that would deal with them.

All I know how to do with white carbs is just not go there, because I am an addict. I can't have just one.

I second the recommendations for quinoa- good stuff.

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on 10/24/11 12:41 am
VSG on 06/02/09 with
 This is addiction in action.  Makes no rational sense because it's based in body chemistry.  Detox and your thinking should clear up some.  So sorry - it totally sux. 
on 10/24/11 2:00 am
How's your thiamine? (B1) Thiamine comes from grains, so if you're low, it could cause your rice craving.
MyLady Heidi
on 10/24/11 3:07 am
Hmmm maybe thats it, I wondered around the grocery store yesterday and ended up buying some whole grain cereal, it was the only thing that seemed appealing.  I will have to check my B's and see how I stand.
on 10/24/11 2:13 am - AK
I agree with Mrs. Batts. Sound like you are low on a vitamin.
on 10/25/11 7:19 am - New Bern, NC

I don't know about the rice, but that thumbnail of the red boots is SINFULLY DELICIOUS & HOT HOT HOT  ...Shoes/boots are definately one of my cross addictions from food...

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