Post Gastric Bypass Small Bowel Obstruction

on 10/26/11 8:34 am

I had a Roue N Y gastric bypass in 1993. I recently had emergency surgery for a obstructed small bowel. During the prep for the surgery it was discovered that I had a congenital malrotation. the cause of the obstruction was determined to be adhesions/scar tissue from the bypass and torsion of my small intestinerelated to the malrotation condition. My appendix was located behind my liver instead of the normal lower right quadrant position.

I have been doing a lot of investigation into the malrotation syndrome. Here are a few facts: occurs in 1 of 500 births, usually detected during the first year due to some type of gastrointestinal issue, looks to be a precursor to morbid obesity.

My question is, if this is congenital, why didn't my Bypass surgeon ever mention it? I have had probably a couple of dozen abdominal xrays and not once was it mentioned.

I am recovering satisfactorily but not sure why this has never been mentioned.


on 10/28/11 6:07 am
 No fun ! glad you are better!
 I also have had two obstructions, mine were twisted and my GI system was decompressed with a NG tube and suction...5-6 days and they straightened out again...mine were caused by gas/ gastritis..   can you say??/.lactose intolerant!
     My appendix was removed in my massive surgery for obesity 17 yrs I don't know if it was in the right place...  
     Would I have gastric surgery for the same thing again??... you bet!!!. I am alive and relatively healthy, can eat anything I want  within limits.....I took the opportunity that was given me and had  the Memphis by pass, whi*****ludes an RNY and a pouch and colon resection...and bandings...My surgical anniversary is October 31, 1994. The Ut f Memphis did a research on the  patients of the  Obesity wellness center there, my Mom and I participated and they did find a genetic  link to morbid obesity.and published the study.