changed my mind about gastric bypass

debbie moyer
on 1/6/12 4:19 am - tamaqua, PA
hello everyone i have changed my mind about getting gastric bypass surgery but i have one big problem. i cant drive my self after surgery. and i have no one in my life to do soo. so i am stuck with one big problem. i have no friends that i bother with and i am the only one in my faimly that drives other them my mother but she passed away in 2008 from medical complacations from being over weight  
A H.
on 1/6/12 4:23 am
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Taxi is always an option? Or don't they have some health transport assistance they can give you? That seems like not a very good reason to have to cancel.  I'm sorry but there has to be another option... if you want it bad enough you'll find a way.

Really though, why can't you take a taxi home?

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on 1/6/12 4:30 am
RNY on 03/22/11 with
 A cab is a good option. By the way which surgery did you decide on?
on 1/6/12 4:34 am
Do see if you can find some support. You shouldn't do this alone, including the piece of time after surgery. Have someone go with you in the cab.

It is major surgery, and you're going to need help. Be creative.

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WhoIWantToBe *.
on 1/6/12 4:34 am
RNY on 01/10/12
How far off is your surgery?  Do you have a bariatric support group in your area?  Maybe you could make friends with someone from the group.
debbie moyer
on 1/6/12 4:42 am - tamaqua, PA
i was approved for gastric bypass in sept 28 i was soppost to have it done. i live in a small town called tamaqua pa that doesnt have taxies. i was soppost to have the surgery in   Allentown at Sacred Heart Hospital so in order to have a taxi drive me there and back i would be spending alot of money on it they have free pick up service at that hospital but they dont go as far as i am out
on 1/6/12 4:49 am - Frederick, MD
RNY on 04/07/09 with
maybe you can postpone your surgery until you can save enough money for cab fare and home health care while you're recovering? i wouldn't want to do it alone. i needed support. i also developed a complication at which point i couldn't physically care for myself, so support was vital.
on 1/6/12 4:56 am
I am going to be harsh, but not unkind, here. As much as I hate the gastric bypass, if it is what you want and you think it will save your life (let's get real: your mom died of being overweight, so it's probably where you're heading, too), then nothing should stop you from doing it.

And before you think I had it easy, I traveled from Chicago to San Francisco to get MY life-saving DS surgery. That's a HELL of a lot more expensive and inconvenient than arranmging and paying for a taxi ride! I wanted to live and to live well. NOTHING was going to stop me.

If something as minor as paying for a taxi ride is keeping you from having surgery then you should not get surgery--you are not emotionally ready or mature for it.


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(deactivated member)
on 1/6/12 5:22 am - Newark, DE
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I am with the majority in this one.  What about staying one or two nights in a hotel?  In most cases hospitals can refer you to a hotel with special lower fares near the hospital.  After two days you will be already feeling much better,  Bring a pillow to hold in your lap in the way back, and get some money for a taxi ride.  Save, get a small loan, sell something... whatever you need to do as long as is legal. 
It would be good to have somebody with you for the first few days, but lots of people have been by themselves and do well.  If you know that danger runs in your famly don't let yourself downl Find a solution.  I can't think in a solution for you, but you had been given some sound and good advise. The rest is up to you. 
I wish you well.
on 1/6/12 5:28 am
I am not suggesting you do this, but what I would do in your situation is this.

Drive to the hospital. 

Have a cab pick me up so they let me go.

Have the cab drive around the block and take me to my car.

Drive home.

I would not take any pain meds the day I was being discharged.

Again....thats just me.
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