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spandex and bye bye arms

on 1/16/12 9:44 am - SCOTTSBLUFF, NE
So I'm a fan of spandex since my surgery and does wonders for the waist down....but I never see anything for arms which would be nice.... anyone heard or seen of anything that maybe helps hide unsightly bye bye arms? Seems like a lot of t-shirts for women the arms are cut a little to short and my arms like to play peek-a-boo.
on 1/16/12 12:09 pm
There are 'sleeves' you can buy --- they are sort of like a shrug, where they are spandex sleeves connected by a little back

Google for spandex sleeves and see what you find

Amy Smith
on 1/16/12 12:26 pm
Slimpressions has spandex with arms that covers the boob area and also that stays under the boob area.
on 1/16/12 12:54 pm
Kim S.
on 1/16/12 3:43 pm - Helena, AL
MM, I get that this is a spandex body suit...what do you wear it under, and does it have a trap door for #1????
on 1/16/12 3:49 pm - Kingston, Canada
 does Spanx make body suits with arms/ Try googling them.
on 1/18/12 6:42 am
No thanks, the HTML of that post is wonky.  Thanks, though.    

Here's a $500 giveaway if you'd like some free Slimpressions.  (Not an ad.  It's a link.)

on 1/18/12 6:47 am
Re-replying because I got moderated:

The top is a 3/4 sleeve scoop-cut top that you step in to.  It lands on your hips, or close to it, and holds in the muffin-tops, back rolls, arm flab, and gives a tiny bit of cleavage assistance.  

In the photo, I am wearing the top, and leggings.  I was not wearing a bottom Slimpressions piece -- though when I do -- it has a much better result.  Slimpressions does not make a one-piece suit.  Some other companies do -- often for post surgical compression.

This is by far, the most comfortable garment I've worn.
on 1/18/12 6:43 am - Southfield, MI
VSG on 03/01/12

Try googling compressions suits, some of them have the sleeves.

on 1/18/12 2:44 am - GA
I found long and quarter length sleeves spandex at Ross.  They work wonderful and I have bought several and never leave home without wearing one.
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on 1/18/12 6:47 am
 Do you know the brand name of your garment?