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Medicare and tummy tucks

on 1/29/12 12:47 am - LA
I know I am going to have excess skin after my gastric bypass so I am wondering if Medicare will cover a tummy tuck or is it something I am going to have to save up for myself?
on 1/29/12 2:14 am - freeport, TX
RNY on 08/19/09 with
They will pay for the removal of the hanging skin if you meet the requirements. I had to have the panni hang down to cover my genitals entirely. I also had to have rashes underneath the hanging skin.

They will also pay for a breast lift if you get a reduction at the same time but the amount of tissue to be removed is a lot.

Met my first goal, met my second goal, met my surgeons goal. Now I have a new goal!
on 1/29/12 4:31 am
Might consider this as well...No plastic surgeon will operate on someone who smokes.
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