Food for the first two weeks after Sleeve Surgery

on 2/17/12 1:53 pm
 Hello, I just had The Sleeve surgery and I'm getting frustrated with eating meal plans.  I'm tired of chicken broth.  Anything suggestions for helpful meal plans.  Doing well and very please so far.
Amalia S.
on 2/17/12 4:32 pm - Athens, Greece
 At two weeks out, it's probably still too early for you to be thinking about food. As I recall, I was kept in the hospital for the first week with IV's and my second week was fluids only. My third week was pureed food. Yes, I complained about hunger and boredom. However, I didn't have this surgery to have FUN! Do what your doctor told you to do and be patient. You WILL be able to eat the things you like again but do remember your goals!
Over 110 lbs lost!! (Finally!)

on 2/19/12 2:04 pm
 Great I'll try.  Congrats on your weight loss.  I can't even image that at this time.  Thanks for all your suggestions.
Tammy H.
on 2/17/12 11:11 pm - Greenville, OH
How about some sugar free jello?  Maybe some sugar free popcycles...They give you a crunch, which really helped me a lot...Good luck!!! 

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walter A.
on 2/18/12 11:14 am - lafayette, NJ
durring the second week i was doing cottage cheese, puddings, and cream soups,  i had a feeding tube and had all the protien drink i wanted also
Allie A.
on 2/19/12 1:11 pm - Canada
Home made slushies. Freeze some crystal light or juice type thing, then fire it in the blender.
on 2/20/12 9:04 am - VA
VSG on 02/01/12 with
When it's time for mushies, I've liked peanut butter, hummus and yogurt. I'm also going to puree some chili soon.
VSG on 2/1/12 with Dr. Halmi