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Body Fortress chocolate peanut butter review

on 2/24/12 5:58 am - Fort Wayne, IN
I was always one who said they wouldn't buy a jug of protein they couldn't try first but I saw this at Walmart and felt froggy so I leapt. Chocolate peanut butter, how bad could it be, right?

Right! I have been using Syntrax Nectar chocolate truffle and cookies and cream (not a big fan of that).

The Body Fortress seems less sweet to me than SN chocolate truffle, so those of you who think SN is too sweet may want to try this. I hit a scoop with a packet of stevia and a splash of sugar free chocolate syrup, mix with unsweetened almond milk in my best-thing-ever blender bottle and am good to go!

For half the price of SN I think this is hard to beat.

Open yourself to possibility and possibility will present itself.
on 2/24/12 6:58 am
VSG on 02/17/12 with
Thank you for sharing your review. I have been watching this product for a while since reading the reviews on the Walmart website. As soon as I run low on what I have now, I will purchase a jug.
Debbie R.
on 2/24/12 7:24 am - Cedar Hill, TX
VSG on 02/27/12 with
thank you so much for the review. I use their Vanilla so I will definitely try this flavor!
on 2/24/12 8:09 am - Athens, GA

I'll have to try this! I  love pb!!!


on 2/24/12 9:23 pm - Van Wert, OH
RNY on 01/31/12 with
I use body fortress too but I don't think our wal mart has the chocolate peanutbutter. I am going to ask for it of all the protein I have tried this has the best flavor I buy Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
on 2/24/12 9:57 pm, edited 2/24/12 9:58 pm
RNY on 06/08/11 with
I like it as well.  And the Cookie and Creme.
I personally like that it is not so sweet. 

ETA:  If your Walmart does not carry it you can try
Sometimes they even have it on sale for less on the website.