Need suggestions for pre/post surgery liquid diet

on 3/18/12 10:08 am
 My Roux-en-Y surgery is coming up soon, and I need some ideas for the liquid diet. Is Carnation Instant Breakfast Ok? The bariatric protein powder is expensive, and if I can find something similar that would work before and after surgery it would help a lot! Thanks!
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on 3/18/12 12:36 pm - NY
RNY on 03/21/12

Hi! Congrats on your surgery!! I'm havig mine this week and have been searching high and low for good stuff pre-post op. Here's what I've found, not sure what your requirements are though...

Protein shakes: body fortress-$15 @ walmart in the medicine section. AMAZING!! I've bought several different kinds this tastes the best and as lowest sugar content, it's cheap, the chocolate tastes sooo good, 2 scoops with some skim milk tastes like choc milk! strawberry was nasty though. At night I actually warm up my milk and it could pass as hot chocolate! Has only 1g sugar and 26g protein per scoop, an excellent ratio if you shop around.

I don't know if you have a Nature Tyme store by you? Theyre the only ones I found that carry the protein shake brand called "it's about time". These taste awesome, they have cookie dough, and choc peanutbutter, and like 10 other flavors. My nature tyme store sells indiviual bottles of this brand, ready to add liquid to. They're like $1.50 each, so  I usually only buy a few, the big can is like $50.

Bottled water (obviously) and drink mixes, Hawaiian Punch brand, they have blue rush, tastes like an icee, or strawberry lemonade yumm!! $1/box at walmart.

I bought a few coconu****ers.... just to have something different post op, it's coconut lime water, in like a big juice box, down the soda isle, these have 90 calories each though, $1 each at walmart.

I bought sugar free jello, $3 for a 12pk at walmart by the dairy stuff, and sugar free popsicles.

ALSO! I have a baby, so I'm up on all the baby snacks lol. I buy Walmart brand, but gerber makes them too, theyre called "little crunchers". It's like cheetos!! but they dissolve in your mouth, totally! Theyre for babies with no teeth, they have cheddar, veggie, and maple cinnamon flavors.  $1.50/can

I bought all different kinds of soup, tomato, vegetable beef, chicken noodle, a few others and a strainer, so I can just have the broths from them.

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, diet snapple

Not food related but I went to the dollar store and bought little tupperware containers, they have 2oz ones that are great!! 6 for $1! It'll make it easier to portion out things as you move onto soft foods. plus you'll have a way to store stuff since one can of soup will be a few meals now!

on 3/18/12 12:50 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
Thank you for sharing this!!
on 3/18/12 2:48 pm
 Fantastic info! Thank you! And congrats on your surgery, too! I love the Hawiian Punch drink mixes. And my grandson eats the Little Snackers. lol Such a great idea! I'm definitely going to check out the Wal Mart protein powder. I may be able to find something similar at my local GNC since I don't have a Nature Tyme near me.  I have Jello and Cream of Wheat already. Just need the protein powder. Thanks for the great info, and best of luck w/ your surgery! :)
on 3/18/12 1:50 pm - VA
VSG on 02/16/12
I used Premiere Protein Shake. I liked the chocolate. It was the only protein shake that did not taste like liquid cardboard. 




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