adhesions inside sleeve

on 3/22/12 7:37 am - MI
My nut is very biased toward RNY and warned me that I could experience internal adhesions in my sleeve. Have any of you experienced this complication? It sounds so scary but I have never read any posts about it.
on 3/22/12 12:17 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 04/05/12 with
I've never heard about that, but it would seem reasonable to me that IF u can have adhesions in ur sleeve, u could have adhesions in ur RNY just as easily since it's the same tissue... i will see what i can find out tho...

I do know adhesions/scar tissue r a risk with any surgery, but have never heard of them with a sleeve particularly...

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on 3/22/12 12:21 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 04/05/12 with
Bowel obstruction
Abdominal surgery always results in some scarring of the bowel, called adhesions. No matter what surgery you have on the bowel there is a one to two percent lifetime risk of adhesions forming and blocking the bowel.  When a patient's bowels become blocked, the patient generally has severe abdominal pain and eventually vomiting. Vomiting is always abnormal after surgery. The treatment for bowel obstruction is surgery

this is an exerpt from : /sleeve/

HW:344  SW:329  CW:207.8  Losses: pre-op - 15/ post-op - 121.2        
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on 3/22/12 12:27 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 04/05/12 with

Losing Weight After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Other potential complications may occur months or even years following surgery. Bowel obstruction can result from adhesions or from internal hernias which may require operative intervention. Vitamin deficiencies can occur particularly if you do not take the prescribed vitamins.
The adjustable gastric band can slip years after surgery which may require surgery to replace it in proper position. The tubing or the port can get infected which may require removal of the port and the band. The band can in rare occasions erode into the stomach which can cause bleeding and infection.

Here's another one from :

If u google, u can find numerous sites stating this as a risk for ALL Abdominal surgeries (not even just WLS)
I would confront that NUT and find a nutritionist that is supportive of VSG if that's possible!


HW:344  SW:329  CW:207.8  Losses: pre-op - 15/ post-op - 121.2        
M1 -  25      M2 -  18    M3 -  14.2    M4  - 11.8     M5   - 14      M6  -  9.6
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on 3/22/12 12:52 pm - MI
The hospital program I am in has a team approach. I don't know how many nutritionists they have but I had already decided to see if I can work with another. There is a support group meeting this weekend so I am going to talk to other sleevers and see if they got this same "warning". Thank you, everyone, for your input and concern.
on 3/22/12 1:02 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 04/05/12 with
Gotcha... my husband and I hafta use a certain nut as well but she is very supportine in all the procedures... well, just take what she says with a grain of salt and go with what u research has lead u to be the best option for u n u can't go wrong... don't let anyone tell u otherwise!

Best of luck to u

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M1 -  25      M2 -  18    M3 -  14.2    M4  - 11.8     M5   - 14      M6  -  9.6
M7 -  6.6     M8 -  7.0   M9 -  5.6      M10 - 7.8      M11 - 1.6+      M12- ??    

on 3/22/12 1:07 pm - MI
Thank you, the same to you! I hope we all realize our dream.
on 3/22/12 12:28 pm
I imagine this is what causes strictures in a Sleeve. Back when I had my DS, sleeves were made somewhat larger than they are today---my surgical notes listed mine as being 3-5 ounces. Back then, no one ever talked about strictures in sleeve gastrectomies---apparently they were extremely rare.

Then, in an attempt to compensate for regain, surgeons started to make stand-alone sleeves smaller and smaller---and we started seeing people talking about strictures. I believe there's a definite correlation between sleeve size and the incidence of strictures.

That said---strictures are a fairly common complication of RNYs. The stoma has to form scar tissue, and fairly frequently this causes the stoma to become too small. It's treated by endoscopic dilation, sometimes several times. (I believe sleeve strictures are treated the same way.)

If YOU want a Sleeve, then you should get one---and I personally would change to a surgeon who was fully on-board with MY choice.

on 3/22/12 1:28 pm
I'd ask that nut for some cited sources of her information. In all my time around on the VSG forum and various other forums, I've never read that issue. Now, strictures are a possible complication, rare but can happen, just like a blood clot, leak or any other complication.
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on 3/22/12 1:36 pm - MI
I have looked all over the internet for any information I could find and just like the sleeve sites...nothing. If it was truly a common problem, you would think someone, somewhere, would be talking about it.
Congratulations on your being below goal. I have the dream of saying the same for myself in a year or so.
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