A card to order smaller portions at a restaurant

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How to get a card to order smaller portions at a restaurant
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RNY on 02/20/12
They do.t always work but the weightloss center's coordinator gave us cards (on one side they request reduced portions other side says NO NG TUBE!) She gave them to us at a group education session.
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VSG on 06/02/09 with
 Just MHO, but -- don't be a cheapie.  Order a regular portion and pay for it and take the rest home.  
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On April 5, 2012 at 4:46 PM Pacific Time, GreenGardener wrote:
 Just MHO, but -- don't be a cheapie.  Order a regular portion and pay for it and take the rest home.  
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 A “Restaurant Card" is a business cards sized card, often laminated, usually given by surgeons reading something to the effect of: The holder of this card has had a surgical procedure which has permanently reduced their stomach capacity. Therefore… It is greatly appreciated if you would allow them to order from the children’s menu or to purchase half-sized adult entrees. Thank you for your consideration.  

1. WLS Restaurant Cards differ from REAL Discount Cards such as AAA, Entertainment Book, etc. in one very important aspect: The REAL discounts are negotiated and agreed to by all parties in advance. The restaurant staff is briefed on how to handle the card. It is PRESUMPTUOUS to create and distribute a card asking/demanding a discount.

2. Restaurants are put into a losing position to start. If they say “no" to the card, which they had no part in creating or marketting, they are already making the customer unhappy. How is this fair even putting them in that position? Were I a restaurant owner, I would resent this card about as much as someone demanding a discount because they are a VIP (Very Important Person).  

3. I had surgery. It was my choice to have my stomach modified so that I could only eat 3-5 ounces of food at a sitting. There are many people that have not had surgery that CHOOSE to eat 3-5 ounces of food at a sitting (imagine that!). I do not deserve a discount, or a special menu, any more than they do.  

4. “I eat less than most children; I should pay what they pay". Children’s prices are a marketing tactic to get parents to bring their kids (and themselves) to a restaurant. Children’s menu’s are not because children eat so little. Children’s menus are designed for children’s tastes. Bland and greasy.   

5. Seniors Menus are also a marketing tactic to get seniors to come to the restaurant. If you’re not a senior, you don’t DESERVE a discount because you eat less than a senior. Many restaurants offer a ‘For Smaller Appetites’ Menu, this you may qualify for.  

6. I don’t want the hostess, waitress, people behind me or near by, the busboy, or anyone else to know my medical history. It is none of their business, and I should not be making it their business simply to get a discount.  

7. Buffets are “All you can eat for…" If all you can eat is 3-5 ounces, the price is the same as when you ate 30-50 ounces or 300-500 ounces. When you could eat 2, 3, or 4 times what the average person could eat, did you ask to pay more? Of course not. To remain morally consistent, you cannot ask to pay less now.  

8. “I didn’t choose the buffet, my family did… Why should I pay when I only eat 3-5 ounces." See #7. Further, you are there to be with your family or friends. Eating out now is even more about the company you keep rather that getting the most food for the least price. Actually, it should always have been about the company.  

9. “I didn’t choose the buffet, my family did…" So, before WLS, did you pay less when you wanted Mexican food, but your family outvoted you and you ended up with Chinese? No, you went along to keep peace, to enjoy the company. Whatever your reasons were then, they’re the same now.  

10. “I can’t eat all that, I can’t take leftovers home, I don’t want to waste it." Waste it. Leaving leftovers is not the end of the world. In spite of what your mama said, leaving food on your plate is not a sin, and it will not help starving children in China for you to clean your plate now. You are not obliged to clean your plate. IN FACT, restaurants try to serve enough to satisfy large appetites and they expect people NOT to eat it all. They have trash cans out back for all the left over food.  

11. Do you demand a discount at convenience store on a bag of potato chips because you can’t eat the whole bag, and a lot will go to waste? Why not, it’s the SAME THING.  

12. Dinner at Chili’s cost $15 before WLS, and you left satisfied. Post-op, the same dinner costs $15 and you leave satisfied. The only difference is you leave food on the plate rather than nose marks. Often, rather than ordering a $15 dinner, you can order $10 appetizer, and you are ahead of the game.  

13. "Restaurants should be considerate of WLS Patients." Restaurants should be considerate of EVERYONE. There are many groups of adults that eat less than 'normal', yet they do not expect discounts.   Obviously, or perhaps not so obviously, these arguments presume that people have integrity and that they desire their actions and opinions to be rational, supportable, and consistent. There are those that will do whatever is necessary to get a discount, which these arguments will not dissuade from this course.

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*LOVE* this!

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On April 6, 2012 at 11:25 AM Pacific Time, jaded123 wrote:
*LOVE* this!
Me too!

I stole it.  So I always post the credit at the top of the post.  ;o)  I emailed this 'unknown' poster and asked if I could steal it with credit, never received a response.  Soooo, I took it as a YES!  BY ALL MEANS!  HA

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VSG on 04/23/12 with
"The only difference is you leave food on the plate rather than nose marks."

Nose marks...totally hit my funny bone. ROFL!

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On April 8, 2012 at 9:50 PM Pacific Time, pinkpeonies wrote:
"The only difference is you leave food on the plate rather than nose marks."

Nose marks...totally hit my funny bone. ROFL!
You know, when I posted that the other day I was rereading it.  I laughed at the same thing.  Whoever wrote that had a great sense of humor and knows us well.  ;o)

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RNY on 12/20/05 with
Don't ....just DO NOT get one.   Really.  You chose to have your guts cut up and rearranged. 
Do NOT ask a business to make you a "cheaper" portion.  

Order a regular meal.... dont' eat the carbs or get a to go box and talk it home for a 2nd and 3rd meal.

I had surgery 6 yrs ago and I've never had one, never will nor would I even use it.    Even early out I found plenty to eat on any menu in any restaurant.   Even international in Europe I found lots of great food to eat in every city/town.  

PS---it's not a crime to leave food on your plate and let it go in the trash.   Learn to throw away stuff, rather than stuffing in your mouth.

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