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Maybe today was just a weird day...

on 4/10/12 7:49 am - Chicago, IL I couldn't keep my routine...

When I got home from my follow-up appointment (approx 3:00 pm), I realized that I had not eaten since probably at 8:00 am and I was hungry, not nauseated...I had an appetite and the refried beans were looking particularly good...

I was tempted to pig-out, but I resisted, as hungry as I was...I knew that I would regret it bitterly if I did...

I kept to the diet guidelines provided upon discharge...I believe I ate faster than I normally do, now and still felt hungry when I finished, so I had a couple of the freebies that I'm allowed (in this case, sugar-free Jello chocolate pudding) and then just stopped after they were gone...and pretty soon, I was full and no longer hungry...

Now I truly realize why it is important to eat every 4 hours or so...
Weight at Heaviest: 320 lbs. 
Weight at Surgery:
283.6 lbs.

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