i am having trouble with drymouth and spitting

on 4/10/12 7:59 am
 i would like to know if anyone has experienced dry mouth and doing alot of spitting its hard for me to drink water it hurts going down. also what type of calcium pills do you recommend and multi vitamins the one prescribed by the surgeon or what?
on 4/10/12 1:14 pm - Sacramento, CA
Have you had surgery?
When did you have surgery?
Which surgery did you have?
How much liquids are you drinking a day?

You need to take some form of calcium citrate, not calcium carbonate.  Your nutritionist can help guide you.  Also, the vitamins and supplements you require are also dependent on the type of surgery you had.


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on 4/11/12 3:38 am
i had my surgery on March 27,2012 i had the gastric bypass surgery

i am not drinking that much liquids because it hurts when it goes down feel like i am full but i wait an hour or more after i eat to drink anything.
on 4/11/12 3:52 am - Sacramento, CA
Your dry mouth very could well be just that you're dehydrated from not drinking enough.

Remember at this early out, you can't swallow a lot at a time (which you are painfully aware of), so you'll have to sip, sip, sip all day long.  Tha****er bottle should be next to you all the time, and keep sipping.  Again, not sure how it's hurting (please provide details in your post if you want help!)  One thing that helped me with pain was to drink room temperature water, and not cold water.

Each day will be a little better than the last - but you've got to keep your fluid intake up or you'll have to be hospitalized, potentially.  Not enough liquids will also slow down your healing and keep you feeling like this longer.

Good luck!


Heaviest weight:  310 pounds  (Male, 5'10")

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