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Coffee - yay or nay?
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Barbara C.
on 4/11/12 1:04 am - Raleigh, NC

I'm hosting a Grad's Group this Thursday 4/12 in Raleigh. The reason that I started this in person group is that those who have reached or maintenance tend to have some different issues/concerns than those who are in the midst of losing weight. That said, we have people who are still in the process of losing that like to come to these meetings because it gives them a 'window' into what life may be like once they do hit the maintenance phase of their own journey. 

All of this said, I'd like to see if we can start a 'virtual' discussion regarding maintenance. What is it like for you? The good things and the struggles. If you haven't achieved maintenance yet, do you have questions you'd like to ask?

I hope to have you engage in this 'virtual' discussion with me and other members. If you want to do it as a continuation of this post that's great. If you want to join my 'group,' you are most welcome to do that as well; just click on the link in my signature.  

I hope to hear from you one way or another,

ObesityHelp Coach and Support Group Leader
High-264, Current-148, Goal-145