overcome problems

on 4/12/12 2:09 am
What problems do you face because of being fat? How do you overcome it?
thanks :)
(deactivated member)
on 4/12/12 2:59 am
 GRRL..... I TRUS T U know being fat SUX !!! 
there is no way to overcome it till ya get to be a size Two   and send those   respect-less  would be suitors to the CURB   grrl .....

yeah the same ******** who made fun of Ur azz being three axhandles wide a few months ago lol 

the    solution i s to be HOTT 


the thing is .... once the fat is off  .. we CAN  have amazing bodybuilders bodies  .. we have WONDERFUL    natural     wide eyed faces .... we are the BOMB .

PLEASE   do nt date and marry  the first guy who loves ya like I did .....

Valerie G.
on 4/12/12 8:28 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
 The only problem I faced was fitting into my favorite roller coaster comfortably.  I didn't allow anything else to hold me back.

11 years post op DS 
There is room on this earth for all of God's creatures..next to the mashed potatoes

Allie A.
on 4/12/12 11:21 am - Canada
I don't feel that my clothing accurately reflects who I am. Thin people have unlimited options when it comes to funky stylish clothing. The stores that have stylish clothing that I like don't carry my size. I settle with what fits.
on 4/12/12 12:51 pm
RNY on 06/06/12
 Actually not feeling good in anything i wore was when I decided something needed to change. But If I have to walk long periods of time my hips hurt. I also found myself not doing things with friends because I didnt feel comfortable being around them or the activities they were doing ect. I also work at a Maximum security prison and those inmates point out everything about you and hearing what people were always thinking but never said was heartbreaking to me to. Being able to wash the my lower legs and feet in the shower. I feel like it almost happened overnight even though it didn't I felt really comfortable with myself and quickly I realized how much it got in the way.