School run

on 5/2/12 8:39 pm
I went for the school run to drop my kids off and i always see some children stairing at me. aaarggh it annoys me so much i wish i was slim. I can hear some asking their parents look at her she so fat :( wish people would understand it takes time to lose weight and it isnt easy
on 5/2/12 11:56 pm - IL
I am so sorry that happened to you. Those who are patient on God will soar on wings like eagles.  Your time will come and then you can give other people hope if you so choose.  I am currently awaiting my surgery for May 16th and the wait is driving me crazy! lol  Good luck to you.
on 5/3/12 8:40 pm
thaankk you :) i cant wait till my time actually comes