struggle to put my shoes on

on 5/8/12 8:36 pm
I find it difficult to put on my shoes because of how fat i am. Is there anything that can help me to put on my shoes without struggling.
on 5/8/12 10:29 pm - LINCOLN, NE
After knee replacement, I got a long handled (like 24 to 28 inch long) shoe spoon.  I find that it makes putting on shoes much easier.  

You will be able to find something similar at  They have all kinds of things to make dressing easier for us extra-large folk.


on 5/9/12 12:07 am - OH
I mostly wore slip on shoes like clogs when I was that heavy.

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on 5/9/12 9:14 pm
thanks ladies, i have oredered a shoe horn hopefully that will help me :)