My New Self Bariatrics...Des Peres Hosp...St. Louis, MO

Esta F.
on 5/15/12 3:46 am - IL
RNY on 07/25/12
Has anyone had their WLS done at Des Peres Hosp. in St. Louis, MO?  i'm seriously thinking about switching from St. Alexius in St. Louis!  They are giving me too many problems!  If you have did you like it and would you recommend it?  thanks soooo much!


on 5/15/12 5:26 am
Nope. But I had mine done @ DePaul in Bridgeton MO. LOVE
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Esta F.
on 5/15/12 6:48 am - IL
RNY on 07/25/12
ok thanks


on 5/16/12 8:10 am - MO
 I had mine done at my new self at des peres hospital.  I had absolutely no complaints and their support staff is awesom and their followup support meetings are absolutely wonderful too.  I highly recommend them.

Esta F.
on 5/17/12 12:18 am - IL
RNY on 07/25/12
thank you thank you thank you!  and i see your surgeon was Dr. is mine!  whenever i'm approved my surgery will be at St. Alexius.  I wonder if he will let me have the surgery at Des Peres Hospital instead....


Just Ducky - The
Meditative Hag

on 5/17/12 9:00 am - Belleville, IL
I had Follwell and had it done at St. Alexius and was VERY pleased about the whole proceedure/staff and after care.  What kind of problems are you having??

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