So nerves

on 5/22/12 1:50 pm - OH
I am so nerves about all of this, I have my Gastric Bypass on June 7th, I am so scared I am going to die, or get an infection, or something will leak, or I wont wake up. I am just so nerves about all of this. I hope it all goes okay. I am new to this board. I hope to find some people that have been thru all of this.
on 5/22/12 4:09 pm - VA
I think it's pretty natural to be nervous. I think you'll feel much better after talking to us here on OH! I love it here. I've learned so much from everyone. I think the folks that share on OH are angels.

Take the next couple of weeks one day at a time. Breathe. Enjoy yourself every single day.

You are going to be fine. And you get to have a NEW LIFE!

Welcome! Talk to you soon!

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on 5/22/12 8:11 pm - MI
Hi there, welcome to the board.  I saw that your surgeon has reviews.  I would go over those and put your mind at ease.  also, if she has a support group, go to those and talk to her patients.  they will help you calm down and accept the process.  they've been there with your surgeon.  also ask questions here too.  p.s.  look at the before and afters on her page too! always helps! tan/#profile_reviews
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on 5/23/12 12:19 am - NV
RNY on 02/22/12
The worried thoughts and concerns are 100% normal, you will second guess your decision up until a few days prior. Then there seems to be so much prep before surgery just in your normal life with shopping, house, family etc that you don't focus as much on the what ifs....

You should be fine and to reassure yourself look at the before and afters on here and that was all the encouragement that I needed. I am 3 months out from surgery and it isn't easy. I still have issues with food and drink, queasy stomach but its so worth it.

Good luck and enjoy the time knowing your are making changes all for a better, healthier life.

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on 5/23/12 10:06 am - Waialua, HI
VSG on 05/30/12
ME TOO! my surgery is next week 5/30 and I am scared too! I found this site last week and I really like it for a bunch of reason but the support and encouragement is great! Come back everyday if you can and stay focused on your goal.. that's what I am doing!

good luck