Just a Warning.....Jello Salad

MyLady Heidi
on 5/26/12 4:35 am
I typically do not eat during the day at all, but on Friday at work we had a salad competition, I brought in a salad I know I can eat, and sampled one other salad it was a gelatin salad made with watermelon and pineapple with a whipped cream topping and nuts.  I had a small serving, and I could feel right away it had too much sugar, my arms get tingly so I know.  I didn't eat anything else all day and within a few hours my entire abdomin was filled with gas.  I felt terrible, I honestly considered going home it was so bad.  I recently gave up all bad carbs and have lost a little weight and felt so good for over a month now, then this.  I honestly had no idea how awful gelatin was, I never really ate it and when I did it was always sugar free.  This was a true nightmare.  I ate a tiny dinner and then my greek yogurt and went to bed filled with this horrilbe gas.  Maybe its just me, but I figured I would post this since it is the holiday to warn others of the evil jello salad.  Never again. 
on 5/26/12 5:58 am
 I hope the gas has passed and you are feeling better now... I TRY to always make it a point to eat during the day and not miss any meals even when I am running around I make sure I have something healthy and nutritious handy .... if I go too long and do not eat my meals on time or eat them too fast I can experience distressful gas also... I am also a dumper big time if I have anything over 4-6g of sugar ... I even react to sugar alcohols so I try to keep my eyes opened for that but sometimes something would slip and here I go ... it is the most horrible combination of symptoms for me ... I feel it coming on with palpitations and tachycardia and then it is either cramping/nausea/vomiting or make a bee line to the bathroom ... that is why I try to avoid as much as I can anything with too much sugar or fat in it...

Is there any way you can spread your meals out during the day and see if that helps a bit?... Thanks for the warning too...

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MyLady Heidi
on 5/26/12 7:01 am
No its not that, I stopped eating all my protein bars and I do not eat during the day at work, I drin****d tea and take my vitamins only.  This was all from the too much sugar.  My blood sugar is fine if I do not eat all day, I never get hungry and when I get home I eat a healthy dinner and then my greek yogurt and a snack.  It works, I feel so much better and I don't bloat up.  When I have my diet day off I keep away from the simple carbs, today I had shrimp with ****tail sauce, some bean dip and a little potato salad.  We are having watermellon for dessert.  I weighed myself yesterday I am at 142, which means I probably lost around 6 or 7lbs in a little move a month.  I have 4 more lbs to go back to my goal.
on 5/28/12 10:13 am - NM
I don't get the tingly arms, but sometimes I can eat a certain type of sugar and do the same bloating thing.  IT HURTSSSSSSSSSSSSS

I haven't figured out just which sugar type it is, but it might be sugar alcohol.

Glad you feel better.