my handicap son is wanting to be my helper

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on 6/2/12 9:05 am - WA
My son is 37 and has Downs Syndrome. He has been telling me how he is going to help me after surgery. If he does all those things I will have a private nurse, a massage therapist, a housecleaner,maid and butler and handyman. And he will try to do those things for real. So I can expect lots of butter and jelly on my breakfast plate.LOL you know "soft foods". If everyone was sweet like Downs people we would have a peaceful world.
Lisa S.
on 6/2/12 9:16 am - NV
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How sweet and awesome is that!!! Someday I hope to be in a position to adopt "special needs" children. And I have a heart for kids with downs, autism, etc. Give him a big hug and know you are both blessed!!!



Gina Da Tx Diva
on 6/2/12 9:18 am - Joshua, TX

That is precious of him. How about-for real-giving him "jobs" you WILL need done..which, truthfully..will be ALL those things, you listed..except maybe the lots of butter and jelly, at least at first!

You are truly blessed to have him-but I know you already KNOW that !!








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on 6/2/12 9:41 am - WA
Yean he already helps me alot. He is awsome at mowing the lawn and vacuming the floor. But as I was reminded yesterday I have to be very specific with him. we were making a cake and I was preoccupied looking at other recipes and told him to put two eggs in the mix. I got the mixer out and went to put it in the bowl and sure enough there were two eggs in the mix. whole and unbroken.LOL. But he helps me when I am sick, he waits on me and fluffs my pillow alot. But yes I will give him real jobs to keep him busy and feeling helpful but also it will really help me.
Gina Da Tx Diva
on 6/2/12 9:54 am - Joshua, TX

My son was 12 when I had my WLS. He had ADHD, and LOTS of energy, but he was the absolutely best help/caregiver I had. He tried to wait on me hand and foot. He even bought a baby monitor, at a garage sale (for $2, with his own money), so he could "hear you call me"..

He's the one who helped to the bathroom/waited outside the BR/waited outside the shower/went for walks with me/etc/etc..I'd have had a MUCH rougher time without him..

I did have to give him some very SPECIFIC chores, due to his short attention span (much like your egg incident)..and we have a few fun goof ups..but his heart was in the right place, and it made for some great bonding time for us..

He's 22 now, and has become a wonderful, very nurturing young man








on 6/2/12 10:12 am - Sunny Southern, CA
Awww what a sweetie  You will definitely need a walking partner and someone to remind you to drink water. Those are the most important tasks in those first few weeks.

Best wishes to you as you begin this journey!
~Michelle "Shelly"

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on 6/2/12 10:33 am - WA
Yup I didn't even think about those.
Kathleen W.
on 6/2/12 6:48 pm - Lancaster, PA
Also, getting your vitamins in.
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on 6/2/12 10:50 am
 That is so sweet .   And I am sure he will be a  HUGE help and support  U're so lucky ! 
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on 6/2/12 11:40 am - Castle Rock, CO
What a darling!   I have an almost 9 year old son with autism and he is the sweetiest, happiest boy I know - he'd be pretty crap at helping me do anything though LOL!!!!

Enjoy your son and his love and support ...

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on 6/2/12 12:58 pm
My daughter was 15 when I had my revision and the best thing she did to help me was make her own dinner and look after herself.  That made things so much easier on me not having to take care of her for a while.

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on 6/2/12 1:03 pm
How sweet ... your thread has warmed my heart and I will give my autistic godson who I love so dearly an extra hug later when I see him at this reception I am going to..... What a wonderful son you have.. he will be all those things and more indeed ...his love is pure and unconditional... you should be so proud .... I am so happy you have this wonderful young man in your life ... his is real love and caring unconditionally and I agree with you .... with pure hearts like those we would have a peaceful world indeed....

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Greg S.
on 6/2/12 2:00 pm - Ypsilanti, MI
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   That is really awesome !!
on 6/2/12 4:21 pm - Vancouver, WA
All the "special kids" are true blessings and remind us of what is really important in life. Give them all big hugs and kisses!
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on 6/2/12 5:28 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/29/12
That's the sweetest thing I've read in a long time! You give that man a big hug!
on 6/2/12 8:39 pm
My Rachael,  19 year old adopted daughter who has both Downs Syndrome & Autism, is my heartbeat!!  She LOVES being helpful, especially folding laundry and loading & unloading the dishwasher.  As she ages, she's allowed more responsibilities which lately she cooked her own scrambled eggs.  She loved scrambling the eggs around in the pan with a wooden spoon.  I stood close by and kept praising her.  What a huge smile!!  I call her my "helper girl".  When I had RNY 3 yrs ago, I wasn't sure how to approach the subject of Mama not being home for several days and having surgery.  When I got home, I called her into my bedroom, pulled up my shirt and showed her my incisions, trying to explain that Mama went to the hospital and that the Dr. made Mama better.  She was very quite while very intently inspecting my incisions.  She then looked me straight in my eyes and said, "Dr. did Mama's booboo's" so I think she "got it".  As much as she needed to know anyway.  Her help to me was folding laundry.  She doesn't touch the vaccum cleaner because the autistic side of her doesn't like loud noises.  But she enjoys sweeping and dusting. 

Everyone is right, "special kids" are truly amazing.  So full of unconditional love and unjudgemental!!  I thank God daily for allowing me to have Rachael in my life.  She has truly made it more meaningful!!

Jackie McGee
on 6/2/12 9:08 pm - PA
What a sweetheart!

I've worked in group homes off and on for years, and I have always said that the men and women with Down's Syndrome were the sweetest and most gentle souls I have ever encountered.

My second cousin has Down's, also. She is almost 50 years old and was life-flighted to a hospital in my city yesterday. After some very troubling symptoms, they discovered she had a brain tumor half the size of her brain - surgery is scheduled for Monday.

I've known her all 32 years of my life. She was my first friend when I was a kid. She taught me how to love, hug, play dolls and enter into everything in my life with my entire heart.

I hope your son does those things for you. You are truly blessed, and good luck with your surgery also.

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on 6/3/12 6:24 am - Fargo, ND
You are very blessed. The man upstairs had a special plan for you in his heart, that is why he gave you the son you have. I have lived/worked with special services for 27 years (wow,had not counted till now). There is always that one kid/adult that will melt your heart. They love unconditional and never judge us.

My granddaughter was my nurse after WLS. Her job was so taxing LOL she had to make sure I was safe and either upright or laying down, but not crumpled into a pile on the floor. She had to take the dog out to potty as needed. Past that she could play games on computer, watch TV etc..She did this for two weeks LOL Thinks she was pretty bored and happy to get home after.

My sister in law, who has downs and is now about 58, she had not seen me from surgery until a year later. She lives in MT. We went to pick her up and she hopped into the car and with out skipping a beat said "Hi, Kelly" I was floored, she knew me right away, but people I seen daily couldn't grasp that it was me. That is where the non judging comes into play.

You will have the best nurse when you get home! Great things are heading your way
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on 6/3/12 9:37 am - WA
Thank you for all of your warm replies. I remember when Jeramy was born and they told me, all I could do is cry over what could have been, how hard on him life would be. But as he got older I realized it is not him that has the hard life, and what could have been is not important to him. He is very quick to smile, to hug, to forgive, He cherishes the simple things in life. And to him all people are good. I do feel blessed to have him in my life.  He keeps me laughing with his sense of humor and his imatation of Micheal Jacksons moon walk and singing. He puts on little skits for me and cracks me up, I adore him. My 15 year old granson has Asbergers so I can relate. They get on like siblings.
on 6/3/12 11:44 am - MO
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 This just makes me proud of our "special" kids(mine is my DD). Yes at times we have to be VERY exact about directions. But they keep us human,honest,and for me ... humble.
 I know he is already getting a TON of extra hugs but add me to the list too please. 
  With out my 17 yr old baby girl to help with everything from house work to personal care (dressing sores) I would be lost with out her.

     May We All be Blessed and Valued