my handicap son is wanting to be my helper

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on 6/2/12 2:05 am - WA
My son is 37 and has Downs Syndrome. He has been telling me how he is going to help me after surgery. If he does all those things I will have a private nurse, a massage therapist, a housecleaner,maid and butler and handyman. And he will try to do those things for real. So I can expect lots of butter and jelly on my breakfast plate.LOL you know "soft foods". If everyone was sweet like Downs people we would have a peaceful world.
Lisa S.
on 6/2/12 2:16 am - NV
VSG on 07/09/12
How sweet and awesome is that!!! Someday I hope to be in a position to adopt "special needs" children. And I have a heart for kids with downs, autism, etc. Give him a big hug and know you are both blessed!!!



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on 6/2/12 2:18 am - Burleson , TX

That is precious of him. How about-for real-giving him "jobs" you WILL need done..which, truthfully..will be ALL those things, you listed..except maybe the lots of butter and jelly, at least at first!

You are truly blessed to have him-but I know you already KNOW that !!








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on 6/2/12 2:41 am - WA
Yean he already helps me alot. He is awsome at mowing the lawn and vacuming the floor. But as I was reminded yesterday I have to be very specific with him. we were making a cake and I was preoccupied looking at other recipes and told him to put two eggs in the mix. I got the mixer out and went to put it in the bowl and sure enough there were two eggs in the mix. whole and unbroken.LOL. But he helps me when I am sick, he waits on me and fluffs my pillow alot. But yes I will give him real jobs to keep him busy and feeling helpful but also it will really help me.
Gina 14 Year Vet
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on 6/2/12 2:54 am - Burleson , TX

My son was 12 when I had my WLS. He had ADHD, and LOTS of energy, but he was the absolutely best help/caregiver I had. He tried to wait on me hand and foot. He even bought a baby monitor, at a garage sale (for $2, with his own money), so he could "hear you call me"..

He's the one who helped to the bathroom/waited outside the BR/waited outside the shower/went for walks with me/etc/etc..I'd have had a MUCH rougher time without him..

I did have to give him some very SPECIFIC chores, due to his short attention span (much like your egg incident)..and we have a few fun goof ups..but his heart was in the right place, and it made for some great bonding time for us..

He's 22 now, and has become a wonderful, very nurturing young man








on 6/2/12 3:12 am - Sunny Southern, CA
Awww what a sweetie  You will definitely need a walking partner and someone to remind you to drink water. Those are the most important tasks in those first few weeks.

Best wishes to you as you begin this journey!
~Michelle "Shelly"

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on 6/2/12 3:33 am - WA
Yup I didn't even think about those.
Kathleen W.
on 6/2/12 11:48 am - Lancaster, PA
Also, getting your vitamins in.

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on 6/2/12 3:50 am
 That is so sweet .   And I am sure he will be a  HUGE help and support  U're so lucky ! 
Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 6/2/12 4:40 am - Castle Rock, CO
What a darling!   I have an almost 9 year old son with autism and he is the sweetiest, happiest boy I know - he'd be pretty crap at helping me do anything though LOL!!!!

Enjoy your son and his love and support ...

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