need place to find cheap fat clothes

Wannabhealthy barbie
on 12/1/12 10:51 pm

HI all!!!! I am huge but need to get some clothes to go back to work. Where is the best place to get decent low priced fat clothes?

Lori P.
on 12/1/12 10:54 pm - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with

Thrift stores, consignment shops, walmart and any store with a clearance rack.  I used to shop at walmart for pants cause that is pretty basic stuff.  Thetops and jackets or sweaters I would get from the others places.  Worked well.



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on 12/1/12 11:33 pm
VSG on 11/23/12

Second hand shops!  You would be amazed at all the cool stuff you can find there....  

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Felicia O'Connor
on 12/1/12 11:40 pm - South Pasadena, CA
RNY on 02/09/09 with

kohls is cheap


on 12/2/12 12:30 am
RNY on 12/10/12

Roamans and Woman Within are good for online shopping.

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on 12/2/12 1:35 am - FL
RNY on 06/06/12

Ross, Marshall's, TJ max, clearance racks at Macy's 

Valerie G.
on 12/2/12 1:54 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Find the thrift and consignment stores in the ritzy towns.  You'll be amazed at what others discard.

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on 12/2/12 3:13 am
VSG on 06/21/12

Is your weight tracker accurate?  Because if it is, you are NOT huge!!!!!  Old Navy has cheap stuff - $5 shirts, etc.  Kohls, Target, TJ Max, online I used to always shop from Roamans.

on 12/2/12 6:17 am

I was about to ask the same question. I was confused. 

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Laura in Texas
on 12/3/12 12:00 am

She has posted that she has regained weight.

Laura in Texas

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