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need place to find cheap fat clothes

Wannabhealthy barbie
on 12/2/12 6:51 am

HI all!!!! I am huge but need to get some clothes to go back to work. Where is the best place to get decent low priced fat clothes?

Lori P.
on 12/2/12 6:54 am - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with

Thrift stores, consignment shops, walmart and any store with a clearance rack.  I used to shop at walmart for pants cause that is pretty basic stuff.  Thetops and jackets or sweaters I would get from the others places.  Worked well.



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on 12/2/12 7:33 am
VSG on 11/23/12 with

Second hand shops!  You would be amazed at all the cool stuff you can find there....  

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Felicia O'Connor
on 12/2/12 7:40 am - South Pasadena, CA
RNY on 02/09/09 with

kohls is cheap


on 12/2/12 8:30 am
RNY on 12/10/12

Roamans and Woman Within are good for online shopping.

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on 12/2/12 9:35 am - FL
RNY on 06/06/12

Ross, Marshall's, TJ max, clearance racks at Macy's 

Valerie G.
on 12/2/12 9:54 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Find the thrift and consignment stores in the ritzy towns.  You'll be amazed at what others discard.

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on 12/2/12 11:13 am
VSG on 06/21/12

Is your weight tracker accurate?  Because if it is, you are NOT huge!!!!!  Old Navy has cheap stuff - $5 shirts, etc.  Kohls, Target, TJ Max, online I used to always shop from Roamans.

on 12/2/12 2:17 pm

I was about to ask the same question. I was confused. 

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Laura in Texas
on 12/3/12 8:00 am - Cypress, TX

She has posted that she has regained weight.

on 12/2/12 2:55 pm - NV
RNY on 02/22/12

Roamans women within but use the discount codes then the prices are reasonable.

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on 12/2/12 3:10 pm - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12

what size? by the look of your ticker it can't be that big

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on 12/2/12 4:37 pm - FL

Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift shops.  You'll be amazed what you can find.

Where I work, I am considered to be the best dressed person in the company, and 99% of what I wear comes from a second hand store of some variety or another. 

It's also fun to go on the "hunt" to find the treasures.

Valerie G.
on 12/2/12 8:21 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

I just wanted to share that I found some fabulous sweater dresses at Marshalls today for $39

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There is room on this earth for all of God's to the mashed potatoes

Tammy H.
on 12/3/12 5:00 am - Greenville, OH

I know someone who got some really nice clothes at a local church clothing bank for free...Might check into that

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Jilly Bean
on 12/3/12 7:30 am - IN
RNY on 07/09/12

Old Navy!!!  Their dresses/skirts and skinny cords/sweaters are my staples.



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Chris A.
on 12/3/12 9:59 am - Colfax, CA
VSG on 11/20/12

I don't know how common it is, but the support group at the hospital I got my surgery at operates a clothing closet with each meeting. They welcome anybody who has had WLS to the meetings and in fact, it seems as if the larger sizes are the ones that are more plentiful. 




on 12/3/12 11:24 am

Support groups are wonderful for finding bigger clothing and clothing of all sizes.  I wait for bag sales at our thrift shop and they stuff a grocery bag with clothing for $4!!  Most of my clothes come from thrift shops still.  I love a good bargain and lots of times I have gotten things with the tags still on them.  Cato's has AWESOME clearance sales at times.  I picked up several pairs of slacks for work for $1.50 each!!  Also JC Penny's has awesome sales when they switch seasons.  I picked up expensive sweaters for $3 to $5 a piece.  My kids got a lot of things too.  three great big shopping bags for $50!  Can't beat that.  Many of the group members just donated clothes to each other.  Some sold them through Facebook or the like. 

on 12/4/12 2:08 pm

I love finding bargains too at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Putting together a complete outfit is a way that I enjoy expressing myself. You might also try a Ross or K Mart. I got a really cute sweater dress at Kmart on my lunch break today. Just get some basic pieces and mix and match and change the look with scarves and jewelry. Do an assessment of your closet, what you can wear, what will work with some tweaking. Also, if you Face Book, there are a  lot of groups that are buy, sell and trade and some plus size exclusive. I love those and have sold a lot of my clothes that have gotten too big.

Cary R.
on 12/5/12 9:13 pm - Hialeah, FL
RNY on 04/09/13

GOODWILL.... best bargain place i know other than walmart lol

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