At 689 Pounds, Dominique Lanoise Loses Her Battle With Obesity

Tammy C.
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At 689 Pounds, Dominique Lanoise Loses Her Battle With Obesity

by Tammy J. Colter, OH Magazine

On January 12, 2010, a massive and catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti killing an estimated 316,000 people.  Dominique Lanoise was one of the lucky survivor’s but she was trapped amongst the earthquake debris in a way that most could not imagine.  Weighing almost 500 pounds at the time, It would be three months before Lanoise could be rescued from the island and reunited with her six children in Miami.  A self-proclaimed food addict, Lanoise’s weight prevented her from being rescued and evacuated by a commercial plane.  Finally, after much unwanted media attention and with the help from the president of the Dominican Republic, an air force plane used to transport military vehicles and heavy equipment rescued her and flew her to Homestead Air Force base in Florida.  She was thankful and grateful to be safe and to be reunited with her family as she apologized for all the trouble she had caused due to her weight.  Click here to read more and to comment.

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VSG on 11/20/12

I watched this on the TV the other day.  It is very said and it shows what could happen when you don't follow the diet and rules to WLS.

  Tara Baby          
on 12/12/12 10:49 pm - FL
VSG on 01/09/13

This is so sad and brought tears to my eyes when I was reading it.  It is crazy to think how much power food can have over some people, including myself.  I want so badly to be healthy and thin and comfortable in my body but my craving for food is usually stronger.  I am just starting on my journey to a healthier life and I will think about Dominique as I go down this road.  It's so sad that this woman's addiction took her away from her loved ones so early. RIP

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Tammy C.
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Good luck on your weight loss journey Karin!  You can do it and you have the support of the OH community!

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Tammy Colter
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Christine Heusinger
on 12/16/12 5:11 am - GA


I watched the TV show about her and I was really very surprised that a surgeon took on her case because it was so apparent that she wouldn't follow his plan.

Not only that but the way she would look at the camera I thought she seemed to think she was CUTE in her complete disregard for the doctor's plan and warning.


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I'm also surprised a surgeon would go forward with operating while she was still mentally struggling. It seems like she would have been a DS candidate anyways..


Bless her family..

on 12/29/12 8:24 am - MD
This story bought me to Tears also. She was such a beautiful and spirited woman. I just wanted to give my respects to her children and family. She really fought And unfortunately she loss her battle. Her children really cared A.D. they took really goodcare of her and I commend them for that. RIP MS. DOMINIQUE I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU... GOD BLESS

on 1/6/13 6:57 pm

I spent a year in Haiti in the 1980's and have returned many times since to do missionary work.  The Haitians view the Obese as very blessed - they would love to have enough food available to make themselves obese.  It's an interesting part of their society.  Much of the Haitian Art of beautiful women portray them as Morbidly Obese.

Dominique was a true food addict, like I am.  She lost her battle.  It's very sad and very sad for all of her daughters too.

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