How long do I have to wait to retake H-Pylori test after I finish Prevpac?!?!?!?!?!?

on 12/30/12 10:50 pm - Atlanta, GA
VSG on 04/03/13

My journey started on 07/26/12 when I went to my bariatric doctor for the 1st consultation appointment.  I did all of my appts (nutrition, pulmonary, cardiac, psychologist, 6 months of weight loss supervised by my PCP).  Now in December when I am finally finished with everything and have all of my clearances, I tested positive for H-Pylori.  :-(  I have to take Prevpac for 14 days (I am on day 10).  I'm just nervous because I don't know how long after I finish the antibiotics that I will have to wait to retake the test?  I'm waiting for my PCP to call me back but I'm very anxious!!  This is the only test that is holding up my surgery date.  I'm also concerned about the H-Pylori not being gone after I finish my antibiotics.  Has anyone had this occur?  Any advise is greatly appreciated.  

on 12/31/12 6:03 am - Vancouver, WA

Can't tell you how long, that's up to your doc. However I would think it should be gone by the time you finish your meds. Just be patient this happens to lots of folks, H-pylori is very common. This is just a little bump in the road, you'll be back on track again soon!


Mary Catherine
on 12/31/12 6:27 am

I never had to be retested.  PrevPac clears in up in 10 days.

on 1/1/13 10:24 pm - Atlanta, GA
VSG on 04/03/13

Thanks for your responses!!  The doctor FINALLY called back.  He said I have to wait 2 weeks after finishing the antibiotics to get retested.  I have my appointment scheduled and fingers crossed.  :-)

on 1/2/13 11:34 pm - FL
VSG on 01/28/13
Yes I am going through this right now just finished taking my antibiotics this last Sunday and my dr told me to wait a week to 10 days after I finish taking them to retest. I am also werried about it not going away with the fisrt round of antibiotics but the dr. Said that is extremely rare so keeping my fingers cross and nervous cause I already had my surgery rescheduled to to the phylori test


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