Dry brushing of the skin

Tracy D.
on 6/30/13 10:46 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Interested to see if anyone else has tried routine dry-brushing of the skin pre- and post-op?  If you have, do you feel it's helped the condition of your skin at all?  I have a friend that swears by it and there's a lot of info out there about how it helps clear the lymphatic system.  So I'm willing to believe it's probably OK for general health purposes.  

But does it really help people like us whose skin has been stretched to the max and damaged through the gaining and losing of large amounts of weight?  I'm doubtful...


 Tracy  5'3"     HW: 235  SW: 218  CW: 132    M1: -22  M2: -13  M3: -12  M4: -9  M5: -8   M6: -10   M7: -4

 Goal reached in 7 months and 1 week

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on 6/30/13 6:57 pm

Ummm, the benefit is somewhat to the external layer of skin, however the most benefit is to the lymphatic system of the body.  If your skin has been stretched to the max and damaged, it will not spring back miraculously.  Mind you, it also depends on your age.  Since I am over 50, none of this skin is springing anywhere but where gravity takes it!  Only a plastic surgeon will reshape and alter what is left.



Mary Catherine
on 7/1/13 12:39 am, edited 7/1/13 12:40 am

Dry brushing does wonders for how your skin looks.  My skin is smooth and glowing.  I dry brush, use a loofah with water and defoliants, and for the first year also used anti-cellulite lotions.  I believe all of that care has a lot to do with me not having stretched appearing skin.  I also have a baby hair brush that I sometimes use on my face to exfoliate that delicate skin. 

Our skin has many layers.  It is the external layers that the world sees and for me, polishing them up is the same as putting wax on a car.  The car and my skin is in the same condition as before the polish, but both look a lot better after being shined up.  I never bought a special dry brush.  I buy bath brushes at Walmart for about $2.00 and hang one outside the shower.  You don't want to get it wet.  Brushing right before my shower is easy for me.

This is one of those things that is so easy and cheap but produces wonderful results.

Tracy D.
on 7/1/13 12:56 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Thank you - that was helpful and I like the idea about the baby brush for the face! 

 Tracy  5'3"     HW: 235  SW: 218  CW: 132    M1: -22  M2: -13  M3: -12  M4: -9  M5: -8   M6: -10   M7: -4

 Goal reached in 7 months and 1 week

 Lower Body Lift w/Dr. Barnthouse 7-8-15



















































(deactivated member)
on 7/1/13 5:35 am - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13

I do dry brushing when I can find my dry brush (I moved a few months ago and haven't found the brush yet).  It is a gentle help for dry skin, especially if you follow it with body oil like Neutrogena.  When my skin gets dry, I feel itchy and, when I do dry brushing and post-shower body oil, it helps A LOT.

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