Severe Dumping syndrome

on 8/1/13 11:13 am - edwards, CA

I just got out of the Hospital and was told I have severe dumping syndrome even though I only eat healthy. My meals are protein and complex carb. So I've started octreotide injection 30 mins before each meal. It will hopefully work and stop the diaheria after every meal. I was wondering if any one else is on it i notice after I first have it I get like a hot flash.

on 8/1/13 12:13 pm - Eugene, OR

I tried just about everything and was prescribed octreotide, but given that the side effects were symptoms I already had, I decided to forego the expense of the medication and not take it.  I eat protein and salad, maybe some cheese, and non-starchy vegetables.  That's about it.  No beans, no grains, and definitely no processed carb products.  You learn to live with it after a while.  I had wanted to get a revision, but my insurance will not pay for it.  Considering I've had blood sugars as low as 23, I thought they would have mercy on me.  Nope!

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on 8/1/13 1:01 pm - edwards, CA
Yeah I have no other choice I need something to stop the diaherrea so I don't have to go in for Ivs every other day.
H.A.L.A B.
on 8/1/13 9:26 pm
Wow. Sorry to hear that. On a good note - maybe that would help.
I am not sure if you tried elimination diet. Most docs do no it believe in food allergies but sometimes that may cause a lot of issues.
I deal with constipation and have a lot of symptoms of IBS-C.
I adopted a FODMAP diet and that really helped. Not the constipation but the excessive (and nasty ) gas with pains I was having. I still have gas but more like a normal person. I even can go to yoga after work. (Yoga and gas do not mix).
Hope the meds will help you. Good luck.

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on 8/2/13 12:21 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Sounds really bad. I would try the elimination diet. I get your symptoms from anything with gums in it. Carageenan, xanthum or any others. They are used extensively now as thickeners. You maybe having a reaction to an ingredient in a food you eat





on 8/2/13 12:34 am - edwards, CA
Ill ck my food but I haven't been eating anything processed. I eat scramble eggs in morning and meat and veggie for lunch and dinner snack is like string cheese and almonds I'm now trying more protein shakes and less solids because my stomach dumps everything.
on 8/2/13 11:01 pm - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

I'm stil pre-op, but at my last NUT appt I was told no almonds or most veggies, among other things, for 6 months because they can cause problems in the pouch.

I didn't go into details with asking why, but maybe this is causing problems.

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on 8/2/13 8:39 pm, edited 8/2/13 8:39 pm

Try yogurt !   ( with live cultures ... or better yet the refrigerated variety culture ( bifudus , acidophilus , several strains ) in the REFRIGERATOR in health food stores .  Theyre not cheap ... but if U havent replaced your natural intestinal flora after surgery , this is no wonder ( the antibiotics killed em all ) .


You will notice a dramatic smooting of Ur skin  after U take em ... and eventual luxuriant hair growth and better absorption of calcium and vitamins ..mail  ((((())))) 

on 8/2/13 11:02 pm - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

Yes! My NUT said any yogurt is one of the best things to eat this soon after surgery. Good luck!

on 8/3/13 1:42 am - edwards, CA
I'm almost 7 years out so nuts are ok they said. Thanks for the advice.
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