Why you can't treat an RNY like a DS ( its actually a GOOD thing ! )

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I often get asked the question  why I like my RNY ( as opposed to taking the sleeve/ DS track) . The reason is accountability which  I believe may eventually lead to a longer healthier life .  

Traditionally RNY patients have been lighter and more active .. so the long term  statistics for the two surgeries are necessarily somewhat skewed .  

Still its a given  that DS patients have to take 40 or more pills vitamin per day to stay healthy in several batches whereas RNY patients  like myself can just basically chew  kids Flintstones gummies , a few calcium gummies ... and eat a healthy diet and maintain outstanding labs .

I know this to be possible  because I have done it for five years post op and my labs , health and energy levels are GREAT . I actually tried higher level supplementation and my body basically put a stop to it by being revolted by the vitamins .  The only extra vitamins I occasionally take are multi- iron pills  and flaxseed oil / evening primrose oil capsules .   

It does make me sad to see many people struggle here with regain .... when we've been given  an OUTSTANDING tool that both malabsorbs a small amount of fat , restricts  the volume of  how much we can eat and also maintains  our health .  

Many of us ( like myself ) had even DIABETES  , GERD , High blood pressure RESOLVED through our RNYS .

Its super important I think to stay pain-free post op which means moving ... and which also helps with the absorption of vitamins from the foods we eat and supplements .  Moving  helps the skin bounce back too ... and i've seen the most BEAUTIFUL amazing results of whole-body weight loss in RNY patients here .

To me the lifetime 30% fat malabsorption just gives me a bit of flexibility when eating out ... but its NEVER an excuse to justify fatty old eating habits or non-lowfat (or choosing fat free )options at home . 

As long as i respect the limitations of my surgery .. I find I can stay TOTALLY at goal and feel successful everyday ( at least I have for the last 5 years  )   I don't stretch my pouch out by eating extra bites till I sniffle ... I don't drink with my meals but rather just before them and thirty minutes after I eat ... and most importantly I choose high fiber," healthy" and" lowfat" meal options every time I can.  I grow much of my own food actually mail

Frankly that's WHY I chose the RNY - in order to  be Able to eat salad and veggies  and because I NEVER ate a lb of bacon at a meal in my LIFE and my dream wasn't to eat whatever I wanted but rather to resolve my diabetes , remain forever slim without dieting and be HEALTHY  in a common -sense way through eating right and exercise . ... 

what do YOU think based on YOUR experience post op ?  what works for YOU ?  ((((()))))



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on 8/17/13 1:04 am
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You really have a skewed view of a DS. I think each persons decision to choose a surgery is personal and therefore this post is just going to cause drama and maybe that was your intended purpose. I have not eaten a pound of bacon in my life in one setting.

"The reason is accountability which I believe may eventually lead to a longer healthier life ."

Are you kidding me?  I have huge accountability to myself every day. Each WLS patient does if they want to be successful. I personally know 12 and 15 year vets of the DS who are very healthy and happy and 5 year sleevers who are doing great.

I supplement but most WLS patients do and if you think a few is going to do it for you, thats great. EACH one of us has to be diligent for our own health care needs. I have many RNY patient friends who supplement according to their labs that take well over 20 vites a day. Like you said it didnt work for you. Each journey is different.

Each person has to choose the best surgery for them. What they can live with? How do you want to live the rest of your life. Do their research, choose an honest surgeon. Seriously that is a big one. Many people need malabsorption and they get the wrong surgery because a surgeon says "yes, you patient that needs to lose 100's of lbs. a lapband is best." Clearly we have seen the best results for high BMI patients with some sort of malabsorption.

THE DS can cure diabetes GERD and high blood pressure as well. I eat fiber, moderate high fat, because I get to, high protein and very low carb. I exercise and have been very successful.

It is my new way of eating RIGHT as you put it. It might not be for you but its working for me. 

I want everyone to be successful, but I also know I chose the right surgery for me. Not because I am a glutton or dont like veggies.  I do eat vegetables, fruit in moderation my main source of nutrition is protein and fat. I rarely eat white flour and I dont eat sugar alcohols whenever possible, no splenda, sucralose aspartame etc. I choose to do that because it makes me feel better.

To your original post - To me both surgeries as a means to an end, to end comorbidities and live a long healthy life. I think with either surgery people are successful.



For more research on the DS www.dsfacts.com


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I agree with you !  As for eating a lb of bacon .. hey my landlord ( a total normie ) does it all the time .  My point about this is I don't WANT  to eat lots of cancer- causing FAT whether its in the form of fast and fried  foods, fatty meats or even NUTS ( which i love ... in strict moderation ) 

There are people on this site who DONT like to eat fatty foods and thats why my surgeon recommended the RNY for me, because of my "healthy "preop eating habits . 


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Honestly, I think you are full of ****




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On August 17, 2013 at 8:33 AM Pacific Time, hollykim wrote:
Honestly, I think you are full of ****


Ahhh, we finally found something we both fully, 100% agree upon!!!


on 8/17/13 2:36 am

I wasn't going to reply to this ridiculous post but then I thought I would remind everyone that not very long ago you were begging to get a DS. Sour grapes much??

Julie R.
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I don't even know where to begin to address the crap spewing from your fingertips via this post, nor have I the time, but I'd like individuals reading this to know that it is so full of misinformation and half truths to be almost laughable.  But, I'm not laughing.

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Have you had your surgery yet? On your page it says hoping to have surgery. I had RNY in 2000 and loved it still love it. I love the fact that i dump if i eat too much fat or sugar. Having said that i wish i would have have the DS when i had my first surgery i probably wouldnt be having a second. different strokes for different folks. If your RNY,DS, SLEEVE, BAND works for you good dont Try to discredit the other surgeries because you dont know first hand If your results would have been better or worse... Thats just my opinion but u know what they say about them...lol




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I know you DS'ers are getting butt hurt about this, but not only is it a gross misrepresentation of the DS, it's nowhere near accurate for the RNY either ...

A real case of buyer beware for anyone reading this thread!


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Thank you for pointing out that out! I have several RNY friends who do not fit this profile. One has to take more vitamins than I do because the relatively minimal RNY malabsorption hits her so hard.


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