Any food I try once I can't eat it again, I feel grossed up Gastric bypass 8/28/13

on 9/28/13 5:44 am - TX

I find this alarming. At first I thought it was great but now there is not one single food I feel like eating. All of them make me feel YUK. Is this happening to anyone? I have lost around 30-32 lbs in 31 days....but I am scared I will get sick. I take my supplements but I can't swallow those protein shakes, they get stuck in my throat.

I had to go back to ER 2 days ago due to sharp excruciating on lower right back...I can't grade the pain but from 1-10. I pick 11. It was really bad. ER tested blood and urine all clear. Just gave me some potassium via oral.

Any idea  if what I am encountering is common??? thanks for your input



Valerie G.
on 9/28/13 7:10 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

While nothing made me physically ill, I lost interest in all food for nearly a year.  I mourned a little about it, but in time I enjoyed it again

11 years post op DS 
There is room on this earth for all of God's to the mashed potatoes

on 9/28/13 8:26 am - TX

Thanks Valerie,

Yes, this is how I feel about food is like food enjoyment has died for me...I guess it is a good thing .


on 9/28/13 1:30 pm

If you are having physical problems eating (shakes get stuck in your throat), call your doctor on Monday in case there is a stricture or other problem.  Talk to your nutritionist to get ideas of other foods suitable for this stage. Look in the recipes and nutrition section or on Eggface's blog  for more suggestions.

If you're tired of the sweet flavored shakes, try chicken or beef broth mixed with unflavored protein or Unjury's chicken soup mix which is pretty darn good. The savory flavors are a welcome change.  If it is the thickness of the shakes, try Carnation's Breakfast Essentials (blue box, sugar free) to make a chocolate milk like drink--or make with warm water or milk for cocoa. 

If it is psychological, consider going to a support group or counseling. It really helps to talk and get feedback. 

I don't have an appetite like I used to and some things don't taste the same to me, but I keep trying different things until I find some that work for me. Eating is now about fueling my body, not pleasure or reward or comfort.

Hope you get back on track with your nutrition soon so you don't have more problems and can feel good.  Take care!

on 9/28/13 1:45 pm - TX

Thank you Turned the nailed is now a fuel to live and move, not a pleasure..maybe it is just getting used to it.

I will try salty ways...I was never s sweet tooth so yes it is affecting me that i have mostly sweet food to eat now.

I will try your advise on chicken broth. Sounds good.

Food doesn't really get stuck in my throat I was being illustrative trying to say I cant get myself to pass it down because 

i dislike it deeply. I have my one month appointment next Wednesday I will bring up all my concerns to them.


on 9/28/13 2:08 pm

Glad I could be of some help.  I quickly got to the point of dreading the sweet shakes too, but was delighted when I started having broth with protein added. I really like the Unjury chicken soup and it's nice to have something warm and comforting.

I don't feel like I will never have pleasure from food again--quite the contrary. Never say never! I had some chili sprinkled with a little cheese for dinner and it really hit the spot. But when I made the final decision to have the RNY, I also acknowledged that I've kissed an awful lot of chocolates and cherry turnovers in my life and none of them has really made me happy. That change in perspective has been confirmed by the pleasure I now feel when I see the scale arrow moving and step down a clothing size.

I hope you'll get some good advice at your appointment this week and will find what works for you.

on 9/28/13 3:49 pm - TX

Thanks again, it is like hearing an angel comfort me. Yes. None of that food I kissed along the years made me happy. On the contrary. I have to be positive and take one day at a time and hopefully soon I will have more choices in the salty food neighborhood.

Even people still don't notice a lot I lost around 33-34 lbs since surgery on 8/28...still at 219 lbs but I am sure that will change soon. 

I will look for that chicken broth and start trying it.

Thanks!!!! and spread your kindness all around it makes people's day!!!

on 9/28/13 4:11 pm

Thank you for your kind words.

Chicken broth is in all the grocery stores, however the Unjury chicken soup protein mix is only available online.  

on 9/28/13 4:23 pm - TX

thanks I already found website...has great reviews....I am ordering.

on 9/30/13 3:06 pm - TX
Kitchen Basics brand of chicken stock is delicious. I am thru week 1 of 2 week preop diet and also like savory over sweet. It is low cal, no fat and 5 g of protein. Sounds like you are doing well. My surgery is Oct 8th.