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How long can a plateau last??

"LADYbug-j" L
on 1/21/14 12:42 pm - Laurel, MD
How long can a plateau last?? this happen to me once before, and I think it was over 3-months, I got mad and avoided the scale. Does this happen to everyone? or do some not experience plateau's at all? What is your story? In some old photo's It lasted from March -June, and later that year, Nov. 08" after that I was pregnant.... He/my son was born healthy & happy... and made me very happy! . He is the love of my life!
I was just wondering what to face if it happens again with this go around of desired wl and goals. At least this time I have some better ideas of how to break it. I refuse to go through that again.
I know it can happen, but I will surely handle it much differently, this TIME, if happens.


on 1/21/14 5:14 pm, edited 1/21/14 5:15 pm

 Stay on program, drink all your water, exercise at least 3X weekly for an hour, and stay off the scale.  If you don't agonize over a number on a wheel, you will save yourself a lot of mental anguish.

Everyone goes through stalls;  it's entirely natural.  

Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

on 1/22/14 5:00 pm
VSG on 01/06/14 with

I think the best comment I've read on this was from Frisco.  If you're following the program and haven't lost weight in months, you're not stalled, you're in maintenance. 


VSG 1/6/14 with Dr. Alvarez