Two-Ton T.
on 2/14/05 7:40 am
I'm only 5 weeks but doing some research on reversing my open gastric bypass and having docs go in and unstaple my stomach and restore me to my "natural state." Reason is the hell I've been going through since day of op. Losing weight, but can't eat. Don't want to live this way rest of my life. Anybody familiar with a book by Dani Hart called "I want to Live." She recounts her own terrible experiences with WLS and wound up reversing surgery. Book has gotten mixed reviews on I'd especially like to hear from anyone who has had gastric reversal, is thinking about it or knows of someone who had it done. I googled the topic and came up with some interesting hits.
~Stacy H~
on 2/14/05 7:52 am
Hi Joe, I don't usually reply to posts like this, as I'm so newly out. But I felt compelled to reply to you. I really think you should take everyone's advice and have an endo done. You don't have anything to lose. It may be one simple test that is the end to your misery. Please push your doctor to order an endo! Don't give up on your "tool" this soon out, from what I understand a reversal can be pretty dangerous. I hope you and your surgeon are able to figure out what is going wrong, please keep us posted. You'll be in my prayers. Hugs, Stacy
Kim R.
on 2/14/05 7:53 am - Hampton Roads, VA
Joe, I am not bashing so please dont take it that way. Instead of reading books that are negative why dont you pick up a book that is positive!!! Focus on the positive things that are going to happen to you from the surgery. I am 15 months post op and I didnt start feeling "myself" till I was about 8 to 10 weeks out. You just had major surgery. Give yourself some time before you go and reverse something that can save your life. At 15 months post op I am thankful everyday I had this surgery. I eat what I want. I am a healthy weight now. Life is better than it ever has been for me. It does get better. I promise you that. Find some support in your area. Hang in there. Don't turn back..... only go forward!!! Kim 11/17/03 307/136
Mickie E.
on 2/14/05 7:55 am - Chester, VA
I feel you, at 5 weeks out I was back in the hospital for dehydration because I couldn't eat or drink. I've had 3 gastrointestinal endoscopy to put a balloon in to widen my open. Still can't get all my protein in if the insurance would cover it I would have it reversed. OOPs I forgot I also developed an ulcer.
on 2/14/05 8:26 am - Iron Mountain, MI
Hi Mickie! Are you on medications for this? I have noticed that some doctor's will do what they can with the endoscopy but then the people still suffer even though they have had areas ballooned up. Especially with your ulcer, I have heard of others having this. I am NOT a doctor of course, but someone who is so grateful to have Carafate and Protonix in my life. Thank God for them or I'd not at all feel as good as I do. I would NEVER want to go back to feeling so worn out and miserable like that again like I did before the endoscopies and the new medication changes. Just wanted to help if I could. GOOD LUCK! Time does heal! Some people just need more time to heal. Love, Michelle
Debra Lyons
on 2/14/05 7:57 am - Oro Valley, AZ
I don't know WHY I'm doing this, maybe it's because I'm NOT least NOT yet! It's ONLY been five weeks. Of COURSE you CAN'T eat what your MIND thinks it wants! Call your surgeon! If you're STILL hungry... Contact, [email protected] www.
joan-the incredible

on 2/14/05 8:02 am - 128 Belt, MA
Lap Band on 10/26/04 with
Hi Joe, I didn't have RNY, but have you considered a second opinion before having a reversal. I know it might take time to schedule a new doc--and then any tests he/she might want--but I think I would give that a try before scheduling a reversal. Hang in there--No matter what type of surgery we have--it takes a while til we feel like we should or we expect. Best of luck, Joan F.
Fiona L.
on 2/14/05 8:06 am - Sunny OC, CA
Joe, you give us no information on your profile, which is a shame because it's hard to respond to you about your need for a reversal. I can tell you that after my RNY, I had no tolerance for food. At four weeks, my surgeon cleared me for regular eating. However, I had to teach my pouch to accept food. It wasn't easy, in fact sometimes I was plain miserable. But over time, I could tolerate more and more and now after 2 years, I am at goal and can pretty much eat whatever I choose. From the tone of your recent posts, sounds to me like you are having buyers remorse. Which, to me, means you weren't ready to have surgery in the first place. I blame a combination of You and Your Surgeon for that! That is why WLS patients need to be EDUCATED before they venture into surgery. Geez, you are changing your anatomy and drastically altering the process of digesting food. You barf? Oh, BIG surprise. Had you done your research PRIOR to having WLS you would have known that learning to tolerate food is a common side effect. If you have explored all mechanical and physical aspect with your doctor and you know that the surgery was performed by a competent surgeon and that you don't have a stricture, then get your ass off your pity pot and recognize that you made the choice to have gastric bypass surgery and stop complaining and work the tool. And, working the tool means that you have to eat like a baby learning to put food in its stomach. At 5 weeks, you are still healing, so farina and juice is what to expect. Don't try to shove pizza into a 5 week old pouch. You wouldn't do that to a 5 week old baby would you? I've read Dani's story and she had legitimate health concerns. Sorry if this sounds harsh, I just mean to be realistic.
on 2/14/05 8:18 am - Corona, CA
Why would you feel the need to be so mean to someone who is clearly going through a very hard time right now? This is a SUPPORT board not a place where you can come to make others feel like total crap. I too had such a hard time at first that I wanted to get this reversed. This surgery can cause people to become very emotional and hormonal for the first few months, if you are so educated you would know that and offer your support rather than berate this person for all to see! It makes me so sad when people choose to act holier than thou and reply to posts the way you did.
Fiona L.
on 2/14/05 8:22 am - Sunny OC, CA
I'm sorry for you that you are choosing to take my post the way you did........ I specifically said, I'm not trying to be harsh, but so many of you new post ops have said, Oh, I thought I would have surgery and lose weight. I didn't know it would be so hard" Well, the reality is, WLS is hard. If you think that makes me holier than thou, go back and re-read my post
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