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Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 4/10/17 6:47 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16 with

Obviously you try to look nice when you go to a wedding, but since its Spring, almost Easter and I'm pretty skinny now, I wanted to do something other than a dark color. Kohls had a bunch of Eastery pastels in mens dress shirts... I'm sure the store hates me since I stood there opening a big spread of sizes, but based on all the different styles/cuts and lengths I had to find the right one! 15.5 34/35 in athletic cut is what I got. I liked the slim cut shirts, but my chest is too broad and was pulling apart... The athletic cut has a broader chest and tapers down to slim for sides. Anyway, I'm rambling.

I was looking at the photos of my wife and I and was really surprised.. first photo that I look at and really thought "man, I look skinny!"


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on 4/10/17 7:48 am
VSG on 08/01/16

Finding clothes has a whole other set of challenges now but it's way better than feeling huge in everything and settling for something that's not even your style just because it fits. Lookin good Chris

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on 4/10/17 5:07 pm
VSG on 01/05/17

You both look fabulous! Buying new clothes is a great NSV and the pale color looks go on you.


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on 4/10/17 5:32 pm - Boston , MA
VSG on 12/28/16

You look amazing! And I bet the heavier you would not have worn a pastel shirt. I know I stayed away from light colors when I was heavier.

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