600 lb life - Lupe episode

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 4/13/17 5:13 am - FL
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Not sure if last nights episode was new or not, with Lupe and Sarah I think?

I jumped in while finished some stuff up in oven for church even tonight, about an hour into the episode...

Lupe was just going in for her skin removal surgery. I was absolutely SHOCKED when they went to the part about her recovering a few weeks later and she was all messed up (her husband asks "is that mold?") in her incisions... BECAUSE HE INSISTED THEY HAD SEX AFTER SURGERY!! WTF?! For real? "I'm a man, and she was gone for a few days and I have my needs." Ya dude... I bet his left hand has helped his needs more than any other woman... freaking insane to me. And that she consented to it... Was glad to see she left him.

Also, it just seems to abruptley end from My 600lb Life and go into Skin Tight -- is that everyone else or just me? My directv menu says My 600lb Life 8-11, but at 10 it switches to Skin Tight. Just curious. Not asking for a friend :P

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on 4/13/17 5:49 am - TN
VSG on 09/28/15

They have started doing the two year follow ups now from people who were on there last year. Lupe's husband was a total jerk on the first episode from last year as well as again on the follow up. She has caught him cheating on her multiple times. I hope for her sake she is truly done with him. It does seem that 600 pound life ends kind of abruptly when it goes straight into Skin Tight. But I too have Directv and it records both shows like it was one three hour show.

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Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 4/13/17 5:52 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16 with

Ah ok. Wonder if its just us DTV'ers or others lol

I remember him on last episode... how he was messaging women and stuff still. I think he was the one that would walk really far to get groceries/food because he couldnt drive, right?

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on 4/13/17 5:56 am - TN
VSG on 09/28/15

Yep, I believe that was him.

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VSG on 06/17/16

nope my cable provider says the same thing on the guide - it lists my 600lb life going until 11. I think because Dr Now is the main part of both shows they must in same way consider it one show.

And yeah, I saw the original Lupe episode last year and her husband was a jerk to her then and still is. I hope she gets some therapy on her and her cousin supports her emotionally. After 10 years of a toxic relationship, it'll be hard to break away but hopefully she is truly realizing her own worth and is willing to fight for a better life for herself. Seems like she is making good progress towards that emotional goal.

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on 4/13/17 4:28 pm
VSG on 10/25/16

The nasty pig basically raped her right after she got out of the hospital because he has "needs". He seemed to think that a crappy bunch of flowers from 7/11 and calling her "my love" excused his assault.

He didn't care about her health or safety but he didn't want her to tell Dr Now how she got the infection because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Not ashamed of his behavior but ashamed he got caught!

And she forgives him! Seriously? The kicker? After she finely dumps his loser azz for "talking too" other women, the cholo wannabe is crying and praying to Jesus that she forgives him and returns...

And the crew goes right on filming this train wreck.

Has anyone else noticed how few of these people featured or their families have jobs? I get why someone that heavy can't work but their spouses and parents? What gives?

I was screaming at the TV throughout the show.. so yes I am venting my rage.

on 4/13/17 4:51 pm - FL

My husband and I were both watching this episode and could not believe what we were hearing. This poor excuse of a husband laughed it off thinking it was no big deal. Pure disgusting. I have had numerous surgeries including a TT. (Not saying I didn't help my husband but he never asked until I told him I was ready. Even then it was like it was our first time. Glad she left him.

We have Spectrum and it is the same. It states 600 and then goes straight into Skin Tight.

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