Driving: Vehicles With The Largest Driver Side Space

on 11/23/17 6:22 pm

I used to be fat then busted my ass to lose the weight and I was happy and living well. I found myself having to move to another state and then everything went wrong for me. I got depressed and closed myself off and put all the weight back on plus a lot more. I haven't driven now for a good 7 years. I have money and did go out to look at vehicles one day 3 years ago but everything was too small and uncomfortable. Mostly I couldn't even fit in the vehicle. I am a good 600lbs now (I'm 39). I need to take my life back and a huge part of getting back on track is gaining the freedom to drive and go places again (including the gym, doctor, support group etc)

It's so hard to find info to assist the obese and I just stumbled upon this forum (THANK GOODNESS) I'm hoping that I can get some help with finding a vehicle with a ton of room to where I can comfortably get in and out of and drive while not feeling cramped or having the driving wheel pressed into my belly or chest.

Do they still make trucks with a full bench or is everything seats now?

I talked with someone outside of a Walmart one day who had an suv that looked really big inside. Was perhaps an Infinity (numbers). I wish I had written it all down.

Thanks for any and all help you can provide community.


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It gets better. I was almost 500 lbs when I had the DS. I could barely fit into our car, I can't list the number of things I couldn't do: sit in a booth, fit in a seat at the movie, walk more than 10 feet, find clothing that fit, etc.

I've been around 195 for the last 10 years. I almost (I stress almost) forget that I was that big and that I had some may physical limitations on me.

(There are pickups with bench seats still, however, I remember them not having a lot of room between the seat and steering wheel.

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I'm not super familiar with different car models, but I found this article that may be helpful:

https://www.ranker.com/list/comfortable-cars-for-large-peopl e/car-lists

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Thanks for the link. Very helpful!

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I've seen that list before. The mini van and the land rover are the only two that are a possible chance. The rest are super small :P I guess I should have also mentioned im 6ft tall.

I just found the vehicle that the person had that I saw at walmart. Posting a link below. This one near me for sale and has a lot of photo's. Looks pretty darn roomie.

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on 11/23/17 9:37 pm
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You can still get trucks with a full bench, but I'd also make sure to test drive one with tilt/adjustable steering wheel.

My brother has bucket seats in his truck, but there is no tall console in the middle, so there i plenty of room. We have a Ford Taurus X (also went by ford freestyle for a couple yearss) . It's an SUV-crossover they don't make any more, But it is super spacious, if you're thinking of used.

but generally speaking, I think many of the full size ford or chevy suvs have potential.

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I topped out at 481 lbs, and have been driving Silverados for years (for my business, but also the room). Newer models are tighter despite what the promotional literature might say, but you can still find them with a bench seat. It ain't a straight bench like the old days, but with a console that flips up out of the way. Chevy also has a seat belt extender, or did. I tossed mine away after losing my first 100 lbs.

on 11/24/17 4:18 pm

I just found the vehicle I was talking about via a google search. This is that roomie suv the person at walmart had. It's the Infiniti QX56

This post has a lot of photo's and shows to be visually roomie.

I guess we can use this as a base to search for any other vehicles out there that look to be even more roomie than this option. I did find one at a dealership only a few miles from me so perhaps I can check one out in the flesh next week.


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VSG on 01/12/17

I know this feeling really well since I was 485 lbs. Cars were so small. I hope you find something to get you back out with the world!