WLS in Mexico: Where do I start?!

on 12/3/17 1:34 pm - Canada

Hi, I'm new here and I'm looking for some info on the procedures for WLS in Mexico!

It's not difficult to find information regarding WLS in Mexico, but I'm really lost as to where to start. If anyone has any info to share or could answer some questions I would really appreciate it!

  • Where do I start? Do I have to go to my family doctor to get a referral?
  • Is my doctor able to refer me to get surgery in anot her country? What if she won't?
  • Will I have to look for and choose a doctor/clinic myself?
  • How long can I expect to wait for a scheduled surgery date?

My biggest concerns:

  • If there are complications will I receive care in Canada to fix any issues?
  • Really worried about what my parents/friends/family are going to think, or if they'll judge me of try to talk me out if it.
  • I'm nervous to ask my doctor about this... she tends to be brutally honest (which typically in like) and I'm worried she will reject the idea.

A little background...

I'm a 26 y/o female from Canada, I'm a Junior High teacher and dog lover. I've been bigger my whole life - my entire family is severely overweight/obese and I've never known any different. My father is getting WLS here in Canada and it's been a huge process, years in the making. I've been dieting for as long as I remember. After high school I lost almost 50lbs and competed in powerlifting and road races (though I was still overweight), but when I graduated with my first degree I gained it all back, plus some more. I have struggled for years now and I'm ready to make a change for good.

Mahonia R.
on 12/3/17 4:43 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

I had VSG in Mexico and live in the USA, so I can answer from that perspective. Your don't need to talk with your doctor or get referred in order to have surgery in Mexico, you just contact the surgeons office directly. Typically, you can have surgery within a few weeks of first calling the surgeon's office. Since Canada has universal healthcare, I don't think you have to worry about getting care if you have a complication once you get home. I highly doubt your family doctor will refuse to take care of you if you see her for your typical medical needs just because you've had surgery. There is a Canada specific forum that is very active and I'm sure they would be able to give you lots of advice if you post there. Feel free to ask me any questions and good luck!

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on 12/3/17 8:22 pm - Canada

Thanks so much for the reply. I appreciate all the info! Getting started feels super overwhelming but I think I have some starting points now. :)

on 12/3/17 10:22 pm

If you're using insurance, you probably have a clause that requires surgery in the US, not abroad. If you're not using insurance the only requirement is for you to be comfortable with the procedure, doctor and facility.

on 12/3/17 10:28 pm

Don't worry about your family of primary care physician. They don't know very much about WLS. Your PCP may be brutally honest, but it will be about something they don't understand, and you'd be surprised how little they actually know about WLS.

Your friends and family will definitely have negative connotations about WLS. I had it myself until I got serious. Talk to a weight loss medical expert (this is not your PCP) and do research on your own. You'll have a good amount of time between the start of the process and the actual surgery to get comfortable that it is the right decision for you.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Ultimately your views are the ones that matter, no one else has to live with the consequences including your doctor or family.

FYI - When you get to the point of talking to a nutritionist, make another post so you can get feedback about how useless they are for WLS patients.

on 12/4/17 2:33 pm - Canada

Thanks for all the insight! :)

on 12/4/17 12:31 am

If you live in Canada, why are you self paying and going to Mexico? If I'm not mistaken, WLS surgery is covered in almost (if not all) provinces.

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White Dove
on 12/4/17 3:18 am

The poster wants to avoid the year or more that they will have to wait for surgery in Canada.

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Valerie G.
on 12/5/17 2:59 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Elective surgeries can take a couple of years to get in Canada. That lures many here to the US or abroad. This is the downside of socialized medicine.

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on 12/5/17 3:21 pm, edited 12/5/17 9:52 am

Interesting. It took me under a year. The budget for bariatric surgery has gone up. Most people get surgery after a year.

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