One Week post sleeve.

on 12/19/17 5:21 pm
VSG on 12/13/17

I got my sleeve on December 13th, which is also my birthday and I chose this date for reasons. Anyway I had my 1 week post op appointment today and I lost 24.6lbs and my doctor switched me to soft solid phase. I had a meeting with my dietitian and we went over the cans and cannots of this stage.

So I get home and we have a ton of left over turkey from an early Christmas dinner Sunday. I used this along with some light mayo, celery, and dill pickle juice. All if these ingredients she said i could have if processed to much. So I used my ingredients to make turkey salad. (The recipe I got from a gastric bypass cookbook.) It tasted amazing but after just a couple of tiny bites I am in.the worst pain I've ever felt. It's so bad that I told my husband that I never wanted to eat food again.

So I guess I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else. My husband and I decided that I needed to stay on full liquids for awhile and I plan to call my doctor in the morning and explain what happened.

Any suggestions?

Erin T.
on 12/19/17 6:21 pm
VSG on 01/17/17

Well, I might suggest that celery is...not very soft. I'm 11 months out and I still rarely eat raw veggies. Soft solids are normally scrambled/soft boiled eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, etc. I would suggest that you only try one food at a time and stay away from anything that wasn't soft before you processed it. Most of us were also much further post op before we were allowed even soft solids. All dense proteins should be cooked in a crockpot and should be able to be mashed with your tongue.

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Gwen M.
on 12/19/17 6:29 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

None of these things sound soft to me - turkey is a dense protein, celery is a crunch/hard vegetable.

Soft solids are things like cottage cheese and other soft cheeses, soft fish, deli meats sometimes, tofu, beans, etc.

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on 12/19/17 6:44 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

you're progressing in your diet way too fast. I couldn't handle raw veggies like celery until I was a few months out. You could try pureeing it in a blender or food processor and eat it that way (although I'm not sure how chopped up the celery will get - it's pretty stringy)





on 12/19/17 6:54 pm
VSG on 12/13/17

It was pureed. I'm just doing what I was told by my doctor and nutritionist.

Idk it's very painful so I'm calling them tomorrow.

It feels like it's tightening up really hard and painful for a few seconds then it lets go, then keeps doing it over and over. It really sucks.

on 12/19/17 7:15 pm, edited 12/19/17 11:19 am
VSG on 12/14/17

Even pureed, celery is fibrous and turkey is really dense. It specifically says on my list not to even try to eat raw vegetables until after 8 weeks. Perhaps your doctor misunderstood some of your questions?

I go to soft foods on my 7th day, as well, but none of those are on my list.

Here's what's on mine from my suregeon, some of it I wrote in when we were talking on my discharge day:

-scrambled eggs or egg beaters, protein oatmeal, small curd low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat ricotta cheese, cream soups, further pureed if necessary, boiled mashed carrots, pureed canned in water tuna with light mayo, mashed tilapia, no sugar added nonfat yogurts, sugar free pudding, homemade plain hummus, high protein shakes with no or low sugar

He said the first few days I may want to add a little skim or broth and mash whatever it is up really well to a paste.

Now, I won't try any of this until my 7th day, but if I have this horrible reaction, I will definitely let you know!

on 12/19/17 7:28 pm
VSG on 12/13/17

My list was the same minus the oatmeal, she specifically, said no to oatmeal. But it also had other things like pureed chicken breast, pureed turkey, turkey chili, chicken or turkey salad, applesauce, bananas, soft cooked meat loaf 90% lean beef, baby bell cheese, string cheese. Beans and lentils, mashed or blended veggies, canned fruit with no added sugar, light butter, canola oil, olive oil, light salad dressing, and flavor packets.

Erin T.
on 12/20/17 3:28 am
VSG on 01/17/17

It's very common to just not be able to tolerate something and need to stay on the prior stage a while longer. It could also be that one of the 4 things you used is not going to be tolerable to you. That's why I tried to do everything one ingredient at a time and only added new foods while at home (because no one likes the potential for vomit at work right?!).

I think most people find something that doesn't agree with them at that stage. I avoided ground beef until 12 weeks because I had more than one in-person friend who had, had VSG and got violently ill when trying it. When I tried it, it was no issue. Ground chicken, on the other hand, bothered me and I still won't eat it. Other kinds of chicken are fine for me.

I just had my first bites of green salad at 11 months out and my stomach was unhappy about it. Of course, it wasn't pureed and it could have just been that it's been nearly a year since I ate it, but I'm not going to run and order another salad now, for sure!

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VSG on 12/10/13

"Pureed turkey" is not the same as "pureed turkey with other stuff added to it."

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Cathy H.
on 12/20/17 3:02 pm, edited 12/20/17 7:03 am
VSG on 10/31/16

I have a feeling your plan's idea of "turkey salad" is turkey and mayo pureed. I was told to never eat celery because of how hard the strings are to digest. I do eat it (diced very fine), but wouldn't have dreamed of it at 1 week out. I was just starting scrambled eggs and cottage cheese at 1 week. I didn't eat turkey or chicken until 4th week out. (No pureed phase for me...liquids, soft foods, then chicken/deli meat, tuna, soft fish, etc.)

Also add some liquid to your pureed foods. They should be the consistency of thick soup, not a paste.

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