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Teena D.
on 12/30/17 6:56 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

This was shared in a Facebook group and I thought it was worth sharing again I did get permission from the poster. Hope you enjoy!

It's about the time of year that we have all gotten off track on our programs, nibbles and have indulged in many off program foods. We are usually having some guilt and heading again towards a healthy lifestyle again come January 1st.

Just a reminder that yes this is a pretty normal thing once you've been out a few years. Old habits die hard and temptation becomes a lot easier to give in to.

The "magic pills"all start to be advertised now - the exercise equipment that makes you lean and mean, the wondrous shakes, pouch tests and supplements that melt off the fat and the fad diets will be surrounding us I am sure ?

This is a reminder that you have a wonderful tool already. The most potent of tools - "just add protein" and your pouch or sleeve is there for the using.

Instructions are as follows:

1. Take your pouch or sleeve out of the box. Inspect for damage (often caused by cookies, chocolate, egg nog, etc.).

2. Press the top of your head and say "Pouch (or sleeve), I am hereby resetting you!"

Then clean your cupboards and throw away (or hide in back of cupboards) said cookies and chocolate and any off track foods.

3. Press the "on" button: by sitting
down and plan 7 days worth of meals and snacks, focusing on high protein and low carbs. Ditch anything from boxes and bags. Think REAL FOOD.

4. Your product will not work without batteries. You will need to load up on AA or AAA batteries. Adequate & appropriate food to power you --- and (Abstinence for some!).

Go shopping and shop from the outside of the supermarket. Include lots of protein, non starchy dairy, lots of vegetables of different colours so you can "taste the rainbow". Think of foods that will contain much of these proteins and veggies such as stews, soups, stirfry, etc.

5. Make sure your new product has no leaks by doing the "water test".
Water is your best friend. No more pop, wine or pumpkin spice lattes ---whatever it was that you drank. Back to water. Remember that stuff?

6. Focus on those healthy habits again - you know - the ones that you swore you'd never slack on ----No eating with drinking. No more grazing. No unplanned eating.

If your habits slid down, your weight probably went up.

7. Fuel your product using only the best source of fuel primarily.Dig the protein. You burn off 1/3 of your food protein that you consume by merely digesting it. That makes it a very efficient fuel for your body. Eat your dense protein. You probably haven't been eating much of that during the holidays. That's your #1 for feeling full and satisfied. If you skip meals a shake might come in handy as well. But if food makes you feel full, embrace the protein in food form!!

8. Make sure your product remains durable and has a long life span by being careful to not use precariously.
No more skipping vitamins.

9. Enjoy your new product and keep it just like new: Go back to support group meetings. Be accountable to someone. Find a group of friends to keep one another on track.

10. Your product has a lifetime warranty. If defective, call the company or see your surgeon. Remember, if you are a year out or maybe 2 it may still be about big numbers but not so much anymore. You'll lose a lot the first week but after that it will be 1-2 lbs a week for most and that's normal and reasonable. Just keep plugging away. It's hard work but you have to remind yourself that you are WORTH IT!!

I had my Rny in 2006 and there is no magic pill when you fall off. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. (Give yourself some grace too as you aren't perfect and will never be!).

Eventually when you get the groove, add in a half hour walk. It's not necessary to begin. Nutrition is about 90%, exercise about 10%.

Your product can be used in the coldest of winter weather or in the dry heat of summer. It's a 4 season product.

Set a goal and find a supporter. ? we haven't started 2018 yet so you have a totally clean slate ahead.

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RNY on 07/23/14

That was good... Yes we do not get the luxury of not being focused. This is our new life.

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Amen to that!!

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Thanks Teena.... I'm going to print this out and hang it in the kitchen! Nance

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Thanks for sharing this,Teena.



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Awesome post; thank you so much for posting it! I needed this today so much!

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Thank you so much for sharing! ive been off track for a while now and have just pressed that button to get back on track!

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