Vagus nerve

on 7/15/18 12:06 pm

Can you damage your vagus nerve by choking on food. Does the vagus nerve run down the inside of your throat?

on 7/16/18 4:37 am - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

It looks like it does run down your neck, but I would think it would take severe choking to damage it.


on 7/16/18 5:11 am

I know that is a very random question that not many, if any, people ask. I'm desperate to find answers to what's going on with me. It was actually a Chinese noodle (the very hard crunchy things found in salads). I swallowed one whole and it stuck in my throat behind my tongue. Just trying to figure out what kind of damage it could have done.

on 7/16/18 1:53 pm

Why do you think you damaged your vagus nerve? If it makes you feel better. About half the population of humanity would be running around with damages vagus nerves, if it was that easy. When I was a kid, I choked on a Dorito--it scratches my throat something awful and for a week after, I felt like something was in my throat (it was just injury and swelling).

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on 7/16/18 6:25 pm

I choked on May 4. I'm going on almost 3 months of pain and horrible symptoms. If it was just scratched I would think it would be better by now?

on 7/17/18 3:33 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I personally have a 6 month rule. If something is excruciating for 6 months, I start to think about seeing a doctor.

Or, you could skip ahead and call now.

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on 7/17/18 7:34 pm

In that case, you should probably get a doc to look at it ASAP.

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on 7/17/18 7:43 pm

I have been to several drs who can't find anything wrong ?

on 7/17/18 7:49 pm

How frustrating. Did you express your questions about your vagus nerve?

HW: 260 - SW: 250

GW (Surgeon): 170 - GW (Me): 150

on 7/17/18 9:25 pm

It is beyond frustrating and quite depressing to say the least. I didn't mention the vagus nerve because I learned about it after my appointment. I'm not even sure which dr to mention it to. Like what type dr?

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