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Cecily C.
on 5/21/18 1:40 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17
Topic: RE: Hit Original Goal... Progress Pics and Update

Aw, Jess! You look fantastic! Congratulations!

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on 5/21/18 1:33 pm
Topic: RE: Where do I go from here. POST RNY 10 Years

First , I have read all of the comments, You have been given good advise already. Knowing where you are and where you want to be is all important. If you can get bloodwork to verify you have no major deficiencies.. ie low Iron, etc..

It is also important to remember that the tissue that stretches, once stopped being overfilled, can rebound somewhat...kinda like a balloon. once blew up does not quite return to the beginning but can still be effective.

Increase your activity slowly and consistently, Having a 4 year old can be good exercise ..take him for a walk morning and evening extend the distance.. Get your protein in. The goal ,by Dr was 90 grams Protein and less than 50 carbs. Starting very low with carbs as you re-commit to your the 20-25 range is a good strategy. B complex sublingual is bet abosrbed and helps me with cravings.-was recommended by nutritionist.

Hang in there and keep coming back , I am 24 years post op and stilll learn things I can do for my health.

on 5/21/18 1:16 pm
Topic: RE: Weight Gain and feeling SAD. Support please.

Make sure you get some sunshine sun?.. boost D3, I take 10-15thou units daily. Also when you go shopping, park further out, take out own bags and return the shopping cart.. Count your blessings.

Know that.. mental attitude , hormonals, intestinal flora, and various toxins like sweet n low , Aspartame, MSG, can block weight addition to any other known roadblocks.

Consider boosting B-complex sublingual in liquid form hold 2 min under tongue for best absorbtion.This helped my carb cravings. i use 2cc when in diet crisis...for 5 days.. Worst of my carb cravings lasts 3 days. So this is enough to get thru crisis.

Changing carb goals daily , within your targeted range, helps keep some people from plateau. day try for extreme low such as 20, next day 35 next day 50 then back down to 30..

on 5/21/18 1:15 pm
RNY on 07/23/14
Topic: RE: Hit Original Goal... Progress Pics and Update

Congrats on the great progress.

Love the dress!

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on 5/21/18 1:04 pm
Topic: RE: Final Nutrition Appointment - Surgery Date Set!

Best of luck! My surgery is on 11 June, so I'll be right behind you.

on 5/21/18 12:48 pm
RNY on 03/26/17
Topic: RE: Hit Original Goal... Progress Pics and Update


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on 5/21/18 12:24 pm - Hammond, IN
Topic: RE: medicated body powder?

Thank you for sharing! Never be afraid to ask questions because it might be embarrassing! We're here for you and are happy to help! I'm glad you posted this question and I'm sure others will be too! I have been using Gold Bond Medicated since my surgery in August 2003. I find it works for me just fine. I didn't even know anything about Monkey Butt. Now I'm going to look for it at Walmart or Walgreen's for sure. See how your question helped me! I wish you continued success on you weight loss journey!


on 5/21/18 12:19 pm
VSG on 01/12/17
Topic: RE: Hit Original Goal... Progress Pics and Update

Congratulations and what a beautiful dress!

on 5/21/18 12:13 pm
VSG on 12/02/15
Topic: RE: medicated body powder?

I had this problem when I was heavier. I just started using Secret solid antiperspirant. It works so great. Runners use it on parts of their bodies to avoid chafing, so I knew it would work for me.

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