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on 2/24/18 3:05 pm
Topic: RE: Teddy-pet crying leading to Emotional Eating ( for Mommy) and Over-feeding for Comfort

Adorable! The bottom one reminds me of a kitten I had named Oliver! I bought him at age 15 at the mall for $40 someone had a basket of kittens! I had confirmation $ (had made my confirmation (Catholic religious sacrament) a week or so before and I had separated from my parents and bought him! They were upset with me but let me keep him as he was adorable just like yours but blue eyes! Unfortunately he died at 3 while we were on vacation.... he got a urinary tract blockage and did not get to the vet in time by pet sitter while we were away. Heartbreaking.

Enjoy them they look very very sweet. Animals are wonderful. Unconditional love. My teenage daughter (14) just said something so mean on way home after day of shopping and buying her a couple things! I told her that was so mean I would never say that to my Mother! She told me she is not me! She was in a mood and 8th grade but I was hurt!

I have had a few long hair cats over the years but my 3 now are all short hair. You are right about the longer ones needing combing I don't think I did it daily but once week or so.

Are yours indoor cats?

on 2/24/18 2:50 pm
VSG on 09/12/16 with
Topic: RE: Period Problems

I use the Nuvaring. I did the pills for a few months but they weren't absorbing well. I also didn't want an IUD and I'm liking the Nuvaring so far.

on 2/24/18 12:41 pm
RNY on 02/20/18
Topic: RE: I just had surgery

Yeah that's great tho!!!

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Topic: RE: Tachycardia after surgery???

After a 4 hour surgery under General anaesthetic with gas, I experienced tachycardia around 140 beats per minute. I was allowed to leave the hospital when my heart rate was down to 110 beats per minute.I fortunately did not experience heart palpitations. After 1 week, my heart rate was down to 100 beats per minute and after 3 weeks, my heart rate was back to normal (between 66 and 83 beats per minute). General Anaesthetic with intubation and gas can have a carbon dioxide buildup in its machine.The abnormal carbon dioxide causes red blood vessel destruction. The resulting anemia causes the increased heart rate as the body goes into overdrive in order to deliver oxygen to its tissues. Inflammation in the blood vessels can cause an irregular heartbeat or palpitations. My response was to go home where it is peaceful and comfortable. I ate blood building food such as liver and red meat. Vitamin E (800 milligrams) reduces dramatically the body 's oxygen needs. I took multivitamins and calcium, magnesium pills. I drank almond milk and ate peanut butter in order to minimize spasm. The result is that I am back to normal now and I am looking forward to rehab and my gym to get back to my normal routine. A little bit of knowledge can make life peaceful !

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VSG on 08/14/14
Topic: RE: 9 year surgaversary today!

What a lovely, encouraging post. It's also great to hear that you've found a regimen that works so well for you.

Thanks for dropping in. Would love to hear more insights from you, as you find time to offer them. We don't have a lot of people here with 9 years experience after WLS. That makes you one of the celebrities. :)

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Topic: RE: Period Problems
On February 24, 2018 at 4:01 AM Pacific Time, Lina_Ann wrote:

I know this can be common, but ever since I hit 30lbs of weight loss, my period won't stop. I am taking the pill but I have a feeling my pill is not fully being absorbed.

What method of birth control do you use?

I can't get an IUD and don't want an IUD, so that is out of the question.

respectfully asking, if you are a lesbian why are you needing birth control at all?

other period problems?




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on 2/24/18 11:22 am - Castle Rock, CO
Topic: RE: Period Problems

Depo Provera?

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Topic: RE: Teddy-pet crying leading to Emotional Eating ( for Mommy) and Over-feeding for Comfort

I have 3 cats .... two almost 11 year olds and a 5 year old. I use to feed my 2 cats when they were younger a can each of fancy feast in the morning and a can each at night. I also left a bowl of dry food out. They were skinny until about two and then they got very fat and so I totally cut out the dry food completely and they both dropped to a much better normal weight. I have heard that wet food is better for cats then dry. I think better for their kidneys and urinary tract. I know wet is more $. With 3 cats I go thru 6 tiny fancy feast cans a day! Since 3 cats (3 cans) I give them a little of 3 different flavors morning and night. They still beg! They also love the cat temptation brand treats. My cats are indoor cats and I have scratching posts... mine have never marked (knock on wood) very spoiled!plus I have a dog! Love animals. Good luck with your kittens!