Are you interested in sharing your weight loss success with others? Before & After Photos are an excellent way of doing that!

Before & After Gallery Submission Instructions

To have your photo added to the OH Before & After Gallery, please follow the below instructions.

1. We ask that you have either lost 100 lbs or be at / near goal.
2. Please send your username, email address and photos to [email protected]
3. Photos should preferably be non-cropped original, preferable front facing with similar pose and non busy backgrounds.
4. If you would like the photos to be captioned, please also include that in the email as well.

ObesityHelp Featured Photos

The Photo Department also accepts submissions for featured photos (Print, Blog & Social), if you'd like your photos considered, please follow the below instructions. 

1. Photo Release form. Please initial where needed and provide all the needed information - it will remain confidential (Click to download your authorization form: PDF). You can return it by fax, or scan and email to the email address on the form.

2. Before & After Photos. Photos ideally should be non-cropped original, preferably front facing with similar pose and non busy backgrounds. Please submit one or more before photos and one or more after photos if possible to Photos should be a high resolution, 300dpi—or in non-technical terms, please send photos in their original state that you can zoom in on and make very large without them getting fuzzy or blurry. We know that sometimes you may not have access to high resolution photos but that is ok, we can still consider smaller web-sized photos! 

3. Include Your Information:

•         OH Username (what you sign into OH with)
•         Your weight loss (how many pounds)
•         Method of weight loss (RNY, DS, Lap-Band, VSG, Diet & Exercise, etc.)
•         Your Surgeon’s Name
•         Your email and mailing address
•         Your Words. A 30-word quote about how your life has transformed and 2 to 3 paragraphs with the details about your weight loss surgery journey.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please let us know in your email.

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