NSAIDS and Bariatric Surgery?

on 5/19/06 8:55 am - Pooler, GA
I keep reading in the forums that NSAIDS are on the no-no list post-bariatric surgery. Anybody get a different directive from their doc? I'm on anti-inflammatories for arthritis (pretty much all over), but I don't think that weight loss is going to ease the pain in my hands from arthritis. Comments, please?
Stephanie F.
on 5/24/06 12:31 am - San Antonio, TX
HI Ann: NSAIDS are pretty much a no-no all over, My doctors give me darvocet to take the place of. I developed arthritis in my left knee and my doctor has given vicodin and my primary care doctor gives me darvocet. Best Wishes Stephanie
on 5/25/06 2:56 am - St. Petersburg, FL
Hi Ann, I haven't had my surgery yet it should be within the next month, just waiting on a date. When I saw my surgeon for my consult, I specifically asked about my arthritis and what I could take. He said I could continue taking my celebrex, but never anything like motrin, naproxen, aleve or anything else. So I guess I will be ok with the celebrex we will see. I also take darvocet, I am not sure if they will continue letting me take that after or not. Patty
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on 6/10/06 9:06 am - Killeen, TX
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I had surgery my surgeon used Bextra post op for swelling. But since Bextra has been removed from the market I was left with no med to take. I had a terrible flare of my RA and I had bone spurs and cysts in my hips.....so I HAD to have an NSIAD. I was prescribed Londine XL which is one that is suppose to be the easiest on the stomach. I was also prescribed Nexium to take with it to protect my pouch. I take it as needed and so far I have had no problems. Each surgeon is different...work with your surgeon, rheumatologist and orthopedic doc to see what is best for you. I can not take celebrex as I am allergic to it. techwhiz
on 6/28/06 12:41 am
NSAIDs are an important part of my life. I chose the Duodenal Switch form of WLS in order to continue to take them. (Well, that and a host of other reasons, too. *grin*) If you haven't already, check into the DS. It just might be the answer you're looking for.
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on 8/20/06 11:42 pm
RNY on 10/31/03 with
My surgeon allows me to take Mobic and Vicodin as long as I take Protonix to coat my pouch. Talk to your surgeon about Protonix..it can't do any harm in asking. Best wishes to you. *hugs* Kathy Lap RNY 10-31-03 427/211/150ish
on 1/19/07 12:22 pm - Hillsborough, NJ
Hi Anne.   I am 4 weeks post op and went to see the doctor for a follow up yesterday.  I have arthritis in my feet and my left knee.  I'd been taking Diclofenac (Nsaid) and Darvocet  before the surgery.  I was taken off the meds after the surgery and have been in bad pain.  When I spoke to the doctor yesterday he said I could continue the Darvocet and only to take the Diclofenac if needed.  I needed it today for grocery shopping and it really took the edge off the pain.  I'll probably use it only if I'm going somewhere and know I'll need it.   Each surgeon has their own way of doing things so check with your doctor. Kathi

Myamshmi,   Kathi


on 7/21/07 11:25 am
Hi Ann, Dr. Garth told me .  I have RA and I am concerned about getting off my NSAIDS because of my hands too.  I am just going to pray and pray hard that something else works.  I am still pre-op and have 2 visits to go.  I will not go without WLS because of RA I have to many reasons to benefit from it.  So let me know if you find something that works for you.  Good luck!!

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on 1/7/12 11:03 am
I had rouen-y bypass 6 yrs ago and it is the best think I have ever done.  I lost and have kept off 106 lbs.  My problem is that I have OA and have developed fibromyalgia since surgery and am frustrated that I can't take NSAIDS,  I have seen a pain specialist who put me on oxycontin and then methadone with terrible side effects and a horrendous withdrawal.  I am now using 5mg oxycodone as infrequently as I can stand.  I believe if I could take a NSAID I wouldn't need these dangerous narcotics that get you addicted.  Does anyone else out there suffer with fibromyalgia since surgery?  If so, how do you cope?  Peace to you, Linda
on 3/11/09 12:25 pm
All of that is true for the usual bypass tupe surgery, but I hear that NSAIDs are allowed in the gastric sleeve.  That's what I hope to have.

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