Anyone have relief w/ steroid shots ??

janice A.
on 5/23/10 9:29 pm - san angelo, TX

I had a steroid shot in my lower lumbar nearly 3 weeks ago , it took 4 days to kick in and seems to have worn off already.. Anyone have any luck with steroid shots?? pls tell me what i can expect. I had mine for siatica .

ty janice


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Purple Passion
on 5/25/10 1:28 am - Little Falls, NJ
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Sorry that the steroid shot is not helping you, Janice.  I haven't had that, but I'm due to have Synvisc shots in my knees.

Good luck to you.

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alice T.
on 6/7/10 8:09 am - kansas city, MO
Hi there,

I actually had the set of three shots about 10 years ago for sciatica.  It probably bought me about 9 months, but I ended up having surgery which worked out fine for me.

Last year I had some bad neck issues and have had 3 sets of 3 shots for my neck.  The last set has not helped, so I am seeing an ortho surgeon in July.

I had the synvisc shots in my knee.  Those really hurt.  Did you have alot of pain with them?  They bought me some time but I had arthoscopy about 3 years ago.  It has helped, but it seems that both my back, knees and neck are all kicking back in.

on 5/27/10 1:12 pm - Houston, TX
I was having pretty good luck for a while. I started out getting the steroid and long acting pain injections every 4 months or so that worked for about a year. Then we needed to add in a procedure to actually burn off the nerven ends which we did about every 6 months. I then started having to have the injections about every 8 weeks or so until we were getting more frequent. In the process I gained 50 pounds back from the steroids and lack of being able to exercise. The do help but be careful and watch for possible weight gain just like with any of the steroids.
on 5/31/10 5:31 am - Laurel, MD
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 I've gotten them in my knees. The first time, they did both knees, and it was someone flipped off the pain switch. I just had it done a week ago, but just one knee, and it's hard to tell how effective it is since the other one hurts so much but I do seem to be in less pain.

on 6/2/10 12:27 am - Philadelphia, PA

I started to get the Synvasic shots just after my RNY, 4 years ago.  The surgeon told me that if they don't work he would give me the steroid.  Because I have lymphedma, the Synvasic shot caused a reaction, so I went over to the steroids.  I must admit the first year ( a shot in each knee every 3 months) I didn't feel there was that much relief, and then I noticed there was as I started taking Aleve, along with other pain relievers, but it was the shot that was helping.  I now have to get the shots every 2 months to have the best relief.  I also started taking Celebrex and have also started back on losing more weight.  Because of my lymphedma I can only get one knee done at a time.  I am also getting steroid shots in my heel for a spur that starting acting up. 

Good luck, I know how painful siatica can be.  I really hope the shots work for you.

on 6/3/10 3:41 pm
I had a shot in my wrist in December and it was like a miracle!  Started to wear off in April and I am using some Voltaren Gel again on it now but not bad enough to need another shot.  I was breastfeeding just prior to the need for a shot and the way I held the baby's head created a flair in the wrists.  Hoping it will not get that bad again, though it seems to have moved to an ankle.  I hope you can find some relief soon!
on 6/8/10 8:47 am - Silver Spring, MD
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I assume you had an epidural cortisone injection.  Is that correct?

If so, then you would have about an 80% chance of having significant pain relief.  Many times, a series of 3 injections 1-3 weeks apart from each other to increase the chances for a successful response.  But unfortunately, around 20% of patients do not get significant long lasting pain relief.  If you did get an epi, you could ask your doctor to try 2 more shots to see if the full series would do you better than one shot.
Hi -- I have herniated L5-S1 discs and have had 2 epi cortisone shots so far.  I can feel the need for another one coming up!  Mine seem to help for about 4 months, then not so much.  I'm ready for another one.  Oh joy.
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on 7/20/10 8:49 am - Dallas, TX
I had the EPI one month ago seeking relief and it didn't help. At $200.00 a shot, I have decided to have the Fusion that I need. It's too disappointing expecting relief and nothing happens.  Lots of luck.
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