Spinal Stenosis and losing the weight.

on 3/29/12 1:10 pm - IL
Hello everyone.

I am new on the boards but have been researching RNY for quite some time now and I am working on my insurance requirements to get it paid for.  I am almost 30 years old and was born with lumbar spinal stenosis.  It did not affect me until I was 26 when I herniated a disk and went into hell.  I had a microdiskectomy and that surgeon told me I was a hypochondriac when months later I went back to him with my pain and loss of feeling and incontinence.  I ended up finding a new surgeon and as soon as he saw my MRI he immediately scheduled me for a fusion.  After everything I was doing o****il I tripped and turned the wrong way and broke my vertabre and blew that disk as well. I had emergency surgery to fix it, which basically meant that I had to be re-fused with longer rods and more screws.  Today, at 300+ lbs, It is hell to try and do normal things like dishes and laundry. I try so hard to keep working to help my family. There is not a day that goes by that it does not hurt. I would like to think that having a bypass and losing 100+ lbs would help but does it really?  Just putting my story out there to help or give advice to those suffering with back problems and surgery questions.  I am looking forward to starting a new life at a normal size.  Thanks for listening !
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on 9/3/12 8:34 am
I would certainly think losing weight would help.  My mom had spinal stenosis and it was very painful--every day.  You're so young, I would absolutely check into it.
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