Biologics and wls

on 5/14/13 3:01 pm - NV

I'm curious how many out there are on biologics and had wls.  I'm wondering what the withholding period was post op.  I had the sleeve and was on Enbrel and held it only an extra week post op.  I'm now on Actemra and I've just had revisional wls on May 3rd and am scheduled for my infusion tomorrow which is 5 weeks from my last infusion.

Anyway I thought we could compare biologics and time off them for wls etc to help any future wls patients in this situation.  I don't know if there are others with these experiences but please share your thoughts and experience.... :)

on 5/21/13 4:08 am - IL
DS on 03/26/13

Hi - I skipped my Humira shot before surgery (shot was normally scheduled a few days before surgery).  My rheumy and surgeon said I could resume the shots a week after surgery, but I waited two weeks.  It didn't seem to affect my RA at all (my uneducated opinion is that my wacky immune system decided to focus on the wounds and internal plumbing stitches instead of my joints!).  I'm not familiar with Actemra or other infusion therapies - so can't offer any insight about those.  


on 6/18/13 1:11 am

Hi, I'm new to posting, I have RA and take Enbrel 25mg injections every 4 days along with plaquine 2x a day, I have alot of questions about any that uses Enbrel and has a problem with weight gain, if after the surgery if there is a problem with weight gain because of the Enbrel?  I have my surgery set for Aug 8th, 2013, does the arthritis get better after the surgery?  thank you

on 6/18/13 3:07 am - NV

I was on Enbrel for my sleeve surgery in July of 2012.  For me Enbrel was not the cause of weight gain although prednisone sure doesn't help.  I switched to Actemra in December 2012 and had revisional surgery on May 3rd 2013.  I still have soreness from RA off and on but the weight loss has made me feel more positive mentally about the rheumatoid arthritis.  Weight loss will certainly improve mechanical arthritis (OA) and it will make it easier for you to deal with RA flares in your weight bearing joints because they don't have to work so hard- but because RA is an autoimmune disease weight loss will not cure it.  If you are not getting enough improvement on Enbrel you need to talk to your rheumatologist. 

Good luck with your upcoming surgery!


on 11/18/13 10:37 pm

I have Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and am interested in this topic also. I current have monthly Remicaid infusions, which controls flares well for me.

I am currently planning WLS around Jan 9, so when I have post op info I will share with the group. For now, what my rheumy has told me is I need to be off the Remicaid for 1 month pre-op and my be cleared my my surgeon to resume. 


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