Arthritis and numbness

on 8/29/15 9:57 am - IA
VSG on 07/01/15

I had a nerve conduction study about a 1 1/2 years ago and the diagnosis was that it must be from pre-diabetes?  The physician didn't really know why my toes were numb.  Anyway, I also suffer from osteoarthritis and was wondering if anyone else has this condition and what was the diagnosis?

I now, after VSG, am not pre-diabetic any more but still dealing with the arthritis which is most problematic in my hands and ankles as well as my knees.  Along with the forward 1/3 of both my feet (i.e. toes back about an inch or two) which seem to be basically numb all the time.  Any one have any ideas for me?  Will it get better as I lose more weight, still have about 65 pounds to go.

HW: 336.5 (March 1, 2015), Height: 5'11", Birthdate: November 8, 1955

VSG: July 1, 2015 288.0 lbs, University of Iowa Hospitals -- Dr. Isaac Samuel

CW: 196 lbs, goal: 186

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on 9/1/15 10:55 pm

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on 11/5/15 1:41 am - Russia

I had mined at long ago and I wish the had been gone all at once like vanish for ever.

on 12/15/15 5:56 am - Baltimore, MD

I too have osteoarthritis in both of my knees and will at some point will have to have both knees replaced. (unfortunately sooner than I planned) I also have had numbness in my big toe on my right foot for quite some time.  I notice it more when I wear socks and shoes, than in the summer when I can wear flip flops or sandals.  My regular doctor has not really addressed the issue when it has been brought up. We always have to fill out a form specifying any issues that we may be having, and I always mark the numbness in my foot and have even mentioned it to him to no avail.  I had the sleeve done last year on 11/5/14, HW 389 and am currently at 250ish.  Would like to get down to below 200 (ultimately I would love to get down to 150, but would be real happy at 175).

on 2/10/16 8:41 am

Numbness in the toes can be due to just poor circulation.  A likely culprit is diabetes causing the nerve issue.  try to do something to increase the blood flow in your feet such as massage, rolling the foot or BFST Wraps (wraps that use electro magnetic energy to stimulate blood flow).  Losing weight to decrease pressure, ensuring any deep inflammation is taken care of and keeping good blood flow should help.  If your feet are inflamed be careful using any cold therapy.  Nerve issues and cold do not mix.  You do not want to numb the area and cause skin damage without knowing it.

Keeping good circulation is key.  With arthritis it is hard some days to keep moving do to the pain.  General movement helps your circulation.  Targeting Blood flow by massage or BFST can help without causing additional strain on the other aches and pains.  Worth a look into. Just a suggestion. 


on 3/11/16 9:09 am
RNY on 12/28/15

See your dr.   I have mild osteo arthritis. As well I'm still diabetic.  I also have a I.T band problem in my leg.   So I'm now seeing a physical therapist.  I know I'm not out as far as you.  But it will help.  Hope you get better. 

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