has anyone experienced this?

on 8/10/16 9:36 pm

Here is my story.  A year ago The Hip surgeon I had, changed his mind one week before the surgery and said he would not do it. My workplace put me off on disability because of my need for the hip replacement. My job is quite active working with parents and their children.  Before I left my manager said they had no problem at all with me adapting parts of how I do my job to accommodate my arthritis and replaced.

In the conversation when they put me on disability my manager and the director of my workplace said many nice things  i.e. what a great worker I was , that they wanted me to get healthy and they wanted me back that I was perfectly suited for my job. That they would hold my job for 5 years. Now I think their assumption was that I could be on works private disability for 5 years but in actuality I can only be on it for two years. I recorded it as I was very paranoid at the time, they don't know.

Once the hip surgeons ( multiple surgeons) heard I also wanted to have WLS they refused to do the hip before the WL. WLS will be September 2, 2016 . Hip will be March 6, 2017. Back to work September 2017. Disability is over in October 2017.

In conversation, and this is the second one I've had like this ( she calls them check ins)My manager made it sound like I'll never make it back. Tonight she actually made it sound like she expected me to have given up by now and that she was surprised I hadn't.

I really believe she is working very hard while I'm gone and cannot speak for myself to paint a story of physical incompetence. I have arthritis ( moderate to severe in the knees and feet) as well but the hip is why I am off. So she brought up the arthritis as if that was the reason I was not at work. I did correct this politely.

I have met with other staff socially and have been slightly confused by their comments and questions "oh you are coming back" or " are you coming back" and more and when I say I am working very hard and hope to be back next year they look at each other like they know something I don't.

Tonight my manager talked about a friend who when he was off on disability the insurance company retrained him, and how she thought that they would do that with me. I suggested that the insurance package his company paid for was maybe slightly different and that you had to pay for extras like that. our insurance company does not do that.

I truly don't know what life will be like once I lose weight and have my hip replaced.

Has anyone been through this. Can they renege on what they have said, even when I have it recorded. Do they not have to give me time to get back on my feet. This manager has done this before with others, repeated, we all worry about her, she is the reason I recorded the conversation, she has also bullied people to the point where they leave to get away from her so it very feasible however is it legal.

Anyone know. Anyone been there.


Surgery: 9/2/16 H.W. 340 S.W.254 C W 208

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